Legacy:I believe we can win many championships

January 14, 2018 20:14

D2R Insidious has been a promising team in arguably the most competitive region at the moment – North America.

However, they provided a mixed bag of results in Valiance Autumn Season, which does bring the question of how far this team can actually go.

To find that out, we decided to have a chat with the owner of the organization – "D2R'Legacy".

In the interview, we discuss recent rejoining of "Alpha", the North American C-Ops scene and his teams’ objectives for 2018 among other things.


Recently a very experienced player Retroz left the team. Do you think the latest recruits can fill the skill gap left by his departure?

I think that there are many other players looking for opportunities in playing in the competitive scene, and I think we have some great skill sets on the team as of now.

"Retroz" is a great player, but I think our team is better now than it ever was before.

With "Kam" coming back I am sure that the team will be able to fill the gap left by the exit of "Retroz".

Alpha left the team as well, but rejoined it just a short while later. Can you explain this situation a bit further?

"Alpha" made a decision based on emotions rather than thinking it through and we know when people make decisions out of emotions they usually aren't thinking straight and say things that they may not mean at the time.  

With his departure I feel that it gave him time to reflect on his actions and overall decision.  

As an owner and a very immature community not only by age but also the character, you have to always remember that at the end of the day these are just kids playing a game and emotions can run high.  

Also, we play this game competitively to win.  

Now while I don't condone his actions or what he said I am a person of forgiveness and I also believe Alpha gives us a good chance at winning our first title.  

Last year we focused on building our name in this community and game and I think we've accomplished that.  

This year with the right pieces of the puzzle I believe we can win many championships and that's what we are here to do.

With all the roster changes, can you walk us through your lineup and roles in the team?

Our current roster is now under the D2R tag.

In no particular order, this is our roster for 2018:

D2R J7
D2R Vulcan
D2R Kam
D2R Evolve
D2R Fatal
D2R Shy
D2R Koado

The leaders of the team will be "J7" and "Kam".  They bring us big game experience together, as well as a championship atmosphere.  

As far as what each role the players will play, I’d prefer not to give away that information as we are still figuring that out at this point in time.  

You finished the Valiance Autumn Season Group Stage in the second place, having the same score as IFL and Imperial. Some would say that your team was expected to do much better.

What is the main reason that it didn’t?

Expectations and predictions are exactly what they are for a reason. You never know what’s going to happen in a match.  

E8 vs Gankstars in the summer cup is a perfect example of that. You also, have to give credit where credit is due. Gankstars is the top team for a reason.  

They are an extremely talented team.  

When you look at IFL and Imperial on paper, many people probably took IFL as an easy win. We all saw that was not case.

Imperial as a whole, has been in the competitive scene for a long time as well with a great roster and seasoned veterans.

That was a great situation for the comp scene and really showed the NA depth at the time.  

Heading into the Autumn season, we did feel we had the opportunity to defeat GS.  We had been doing very well against them prior to the season with our scrims, so we felt we had a good chance.  

Obviously, that didn’t pan out the way we had hoped or expected.

I don’t believe there is anyone to blame for our losses, we must take what we’ve learned and move forward.  It is important to learn why you lost.  

Look at the footage, re-tool starts, maybe move some positions around.  We should give credit to IFL and Imperial as well because they also put on a great show.  

Nowadays, how many times a week are you guys practicing and how does your practice session look like?

The players are focused and practicing at a high level daily with scrims and ranked matches. They are on scrimming for hours and then also making tactics together.  

We really want to just build our team chemistry and make sure we are all on the same page.  

Our mentality for 2018 is really simple.  We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  

There is no pressure on us as a whole.  In all honesty, I believe Gankstars and IFL maybe have more pressure than us.  

Mainly because GS, are the champions, and IFL made such a great impression on other teams.  

What are your main objectives for 2018?

The short answer is to win. Every team wants to win.  

As a small organization in a big ocean, playing against bigger names such as Gankstars, Nova, and StdX, you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk.

I’ve felt the first-hand pressure being put on me by bigger organizations that tried to literally scare me out of this game and community.  

If we can get some championships under our belt this year against these top teams, it would mean a lot for our players, as well as the organization.  

I believe our roster has the ability to win many tourneys this year, as long as the work is put in.

Any words for the fans?

Thank you to everyone who has supported us from our humble beginnings to where we are now.

For the players out there who are looking to join a top team, keep grinding, practicing, and learning.  

Our players will keep putting content for you guys as well giveaways to show our thanks and appreciation throughout the year.  

Also, Tyler and I are trying to plan a meetup for the community this summer with the team and fans.  

So make sure you are subbed to them!  For our Fans, thank you very much, we owe you a championship.  

Lastly, I'd like to thank Valiance for this interview and opportunity.  We really appreciate what you do as a whole for our competitive community and Critical ops.

D2R website

D2R Esports Twitter

The organizational part of the team is doing everything they can to find out the winning formula.

We'd like to wish D2R Insidious best of luck in achieving their goals!

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