Lead Farmers looking to establish themselves in the NA scene

January 28, 2019 13:58

Just recently, a new team formed in North American Critical Ops scene called Lead Farmers.

The team consists of relatively new names, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from thinking big and looking to make a breakthrough on the scene.

To find out more about them, we talked with CauseOfDeath, who is in charge of leading the team.


Please give us a short introduction to your team!

We are Lead Farmers | Critical Ops, tagged in-game as [LFCO].

A North American Competitive Team under the Lead Farmers | Gaming  Esports Organization.

Our current main roster consists of the following players;

CauseOfDeath - in-game leader

Kodigo - entry

Silent - support

Wealthy X - support

Frostyyy - sniper

Keep in mind that the roster might change as we evolve as a team.

What made you depart Hammers Esports and join up Lead Farmers?

I left due team inactivity and wanting to actually do something without constraints or limitations on the positions I held within a team or organization.

It felt like stale waters occurred as players left and or became inactive after the last Valiance season and I felt too motivated without enough room to move.

I'm not one to sit back.

Lead Farmers | Gaming was my home and family before any other team.

They have always provided me with great learning experiences within esports, the desired creative outlets, in-game freedom and the resources/funding needed to expand.

I wouldn't have half my gear including my iPad Pro if it wasn't for Lead Farmers.

It's hard to imagine me going anywhere else now.

Tell us what's different here compared to Hammers Esports.

Team-wise personalities are always different between players but so far the team moves fluently in communication with plenty of playful banter between each other.

The atmosphere is a lot less "follow the leader" as everyone's open to each other's ideas and opinions allowing a lot of variation in gameplay.

Compared to the Critical Ops Hammers Team, I think these guys are hungrier to prove to themselves.

They have what it takes to be a top tier team and to show the community what they have to offer.

I feel like Hammers will be more concerned about staying solid enough to hold the current #1 NA spot.

Looking at the lineup of your team, it seems that it's mostly made out of "new blood" - do you think this is a strength or a challenge in the near future?

It's a double edge sword for sure!

The motivation, aspiration and clean slate of being new players comes with waves of benefits, however, lack of tournament experience can always be a first timers weakness and the pressure may be intense but we hope our vigorous training pays off!

Are you participating in any online cups and the moment and how is the practice regime looking at the moment for the team?

No online tournaments for the next month.

After that month we plan on engaging teams in any competition we can experience.

We practice up to 4X times a week and once on weekends while maintaining individual practice outside of scrims.

Being as active as possible is one of the most important things to LF.

How would you rate the current state of the North American scene - do you miss the teams like Gankstars, old D2R, and similar teams?

It's evolving into a free for all of the talents in a good way.

Yes, older organizations aren't present anymore but that just means there's more opportunity for new teams and organizations to show up and perform.

As for the past, I'm more focus on the future of North American C-Ops and setting a path towards a healthy future.

I'm more focused on what's coming for the NA rather than going.

Realistically, what kind of team do you think you can build within 3-6 months?

A Valiance performing team!

A dedicated, hard-working tournament competing team.

I have complete faith that within 3-6 months time we will be operating as a family and playing together as top tier team giving people the rush and excitement they crave.

I'm going to use everything I've learned from my experiences in Gankstars, Virus 5 and Hammers Esports and put it into Lead Farmers | Gaming, and LFCO, so expect one hell of a bang.

In your opinion, what does it take to build a successful team?

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence.

To overcome any obstacles that come your way and continue moving forward with a positive mindset.

It takes everyone to have the same ambition and dream to reach the same goal.

A steady flow of hard work and communication is also required.

To create a successful team everyone has to have the same goal and the drive to do anything to reach it.

Anything you want to tell the community?

Thank you all, for the support and love!

We are excited to be in the North American Competitive Scene and expect to see us become a household name!

We are hoping that we can represent North America in an exciting and energizing fashion with a few tricks up our sleeves, we aim to put on some killer shows!

We appreciate everything the scene and community do for us!

Make sure to keep up to date with our team, tournaments and more in our discord here: LFdiscord

Motivation definitely isn't going to be a problem for Lead Farmers.

Their goals are set high, but that's nothing strange for an aspiring team looking to establish themselves.

They most likely have a difficult road ahead of them, but with dedication, and a lot of hard hard work, anything is possible.

We hope to see Lead Farmers soon in action!

You can follow them at - @LFCriticalOps

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