Kinguin: The story of the new Gankstars’ head coach

December 21, 2017 22:24

There are people in this community who have been playing this game from the very start, and their dedication brought them places they probably didn’t imagine.

Kinguin is one of them and here is a candid interview a player who just became the head coach of Gankstars, one of the top teams on C-Ops scene.

Without further ado, let’s see how it all started for "Kinguin" and what brought him to Gankstars.

Hello there Kinguin, please introduce yourself and tell us how did you learn about Critical Ops?

I’m “Kinguin”, a Purple Ingame Critical Ops Moderator and I began my mobile gaming career in January 2015 with Critical Strike Portable ( CSP ), the first FPS game of Critical Force.

The way how I came to Critical Ops was made by a randomly generated advertisement of CSP. I saw it and knew that this game, especially because it is from CFE, will be a great one!

How did you start your career in the competitive scene of this game?

As soon as I started playing it, I joined a team called “HopE” which consisted of the best German players at the time. Later on, I left it due to internal reasons and people that tried to backstab me because I raised up a lot since I wasn't that known as the others in the beginning.

A few days after that, “Zepton” invited me to "Ez" which was a fun team between four friends and just picked me up as their first member. I liked this team a lot and we improved over and over and beat several top teams.

What led to Ez's downfall?

The highlights of my teams “Ez Equites” and “Interceptors” were in the ESL when we reached the semi-and quarterfinals. Furthermore, both of our teams came pretty far in the world cup.

Due to the lack of top players and other internal reasons, I decided to disband "Ez".

How come you decided to be a head coach? Was that due to your instincts or game experience? Enlighten us, please.

Generally I was kind of "born" to be a leader because I knew how to manage a team and make it successful for a long time. I analyzed the mistakes of the previous leaders and set up my goal not to do the same mistake as them and recruit unloyal, toxic but skilled players.

How did you reach out to Gankstars and what fueled you?

Before I announced that "Ez" will disband I reached out to "Judgement" to ask him if I can join them as a coach and analyst because I felt that I can bring GS to the new level with my strats and experience in coaching and avoid outcomes like in the Valiance finals against E8.

What is your motto in the game as well as in life?

My motto is to maintain success you need to improve always. If you don't, other teams or people will be better than you. Back in the day, I didn't want that and that's the reason why I took control over "Ez" after the previous leaders transferred me the ownership.

It was a pleasure talking to "Kinguin". Players like this are an awesome example of what is possible with dedication and constant improvement.

We wish him the best of luck as the head coach of Gankstars.

We’ll see Kinguin’s plan at work this Saturday when Gankstars clash again Elevate in the Grand Finals of the Autumn Season! Don’t miss it!

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