Kings Uprising with massive changes

December 17, 2017 22:36

One of the most consistent competitive teams in Critical Ops,"Kings Uprising", has been through a lot in this community. They had their share of ups and downs and one of the biggest downs is definitely the recent departure of “Angel”, one of their best players.

On top of that, they lost another talented player - "Kubait", who decided to leave the active roster and stop playing competitively.

It was only logical that these major changes had an impact on team’s gameplay,  but they still had a chance to reach the playoffs of Valiance Autumn season.

The two players who were not going to play for "Kings Uprising" anymore, did finish the event as a part of the team before leaving for good, however no one can know for sure how motivated they were.

Unfortunately for "Kings Uprising" they ended the group stage with a record of 4-2 which meant they didn’t qualify for the playoffs, and were out of the Valiance  Autumn season.

They had a chance to overtake their main competitor, "Team Elevate", by winning their last match in their group stage against them. They came very close, but in the end lost the match 13-12.

New faces of Kings Uprising

It was time to get some fresh talent into the team and try to fill the hole “Angel” and “Kubait” left behind. The team decided to give a chance to four relatively unknown players and see if their talent impresses them.

The four trialists for "Kings Uprising" were:

  • "Jimmeh"

  • "Thierry"

  • "CZD"

  • "Vanish"

It is safe to say that all of these talented players managed to impress "Kings Uprising" as they all got accepted into the team after their trial period.

After they got informed that they are now members of “Kings Uprising”, “CZD” said the following about his trails;

"Take the risk or lose the chance".

We will see if these new recruits are able to live up to the "Kings Uprising" name as we are going to be seeing them play with the team in the future as backups to the current main roster.

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