Kings Uprising is back in Europe

January 30, 2019 14:47

Kings Uprising is back once again to compete in the European region.

Already in the first ESL cup, they’ve shown what they’re made off by getting the number one spot.

In the interview, we talk with Inferno about team ’s recent results, and an adaptation of the young players to the team among other things.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this one!

Please tell us who are the players in your current lineup and which roles do they occupy in the team?

Currently, the team consists of myself, Impact, T-Box, Majestic, Atik, Legion and we are currently trialing for our last substitute in team.

The current roles in the team resolve as me being the in-game leader, T-Box as our main sniper, Atik as entry frag, Impact as a lurker and Majestic, Legion as support.

However, we might switch roles in our team as we are still undergoing changes and also trailing for our last member.

How well are players such as Majestic and Impact adjusting to the team's environment?

Impact and I have been friends for the past couple of years even before Critical Ops came out.

He has been fairly adapting with the team and also is a co-leader for kings uprising.

Majestic started playing Critical Ops a couple months ago and I would say he is probably the best individual player in the team at the moment.

He easily adapts with changes in the team and also creates a positive environment for the team to play with.

Even though your team didn't participate in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational, you achieved your first cup victory recently - Critical OPS 5on5 ESL CUP #1.

Tell us something about the teams you encountered during this cup.

In our first ESL cup, we did not find any hard opponents apart from S2 Gaming.

I’d say team Dynasty is our main competition at the moment and we wish to take their current championship in EU.

In the Grand Finals, you managed to beat S2 Gaming with a 2-0 score, which is pretty impressive considering they're one of the best in the region.

Did you expect it to go this way and in your opinion, what made you win it in the end?

We did expect a win at the end of this cup from the start since we were all confident and ready to put up a fight even though we did not play the previous Valiance season.

In the second ESL cup, you weren't able to keep up the performance from the previous cup, as you fall short in the match with Team Vault.

What went wrong for you here?

The team went inactive during that time.

We would barely scrim and play tournaments itself.

I would say the reason we played bad was a lack of individual performance as everyone in the team was inactive.

At the moment, would you say your team is ready for future Valiance cups?

Kings Uprising is still undergoing some changes such as recruiting our last competitive player and also finalizing positions and roles in the team.

But we will surely be ready to compete for the championship in the next Valiance event with our full lineup.

The team has been improving lately and we will make sure to keep on improving for valiance and future cups.

Anything you want to say to the fans of your team?

I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting kings from the start, we will make sure to not let you guys down in the upcoming events.

It’s getting more and more obvious that the European region is stacked with top tier teams, and the next Valiance season is most likely going to be the hardest to predict, at least in this region.

Kings Uprising won the Asian part of the competition back in the Summer Season, and we all know what Inferno is capable of.

We can’t wait to see Kings Uprising perform once again in our events and we wish them the best of luck!

You can follow Kings Uprising at - @kingclanios

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