Kings might be the new number one in Europe

March 7, 2019 14:46

Kings are one of the most staple names in Critical Ops history.

With team Dynasty now taking a break, there is a big chance that they’re indeed the number one team in Europe, considering the lineup they have at their disposal.

To find out more about their recent changes and recruits, we decided to ask Inferno several questions.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one.

A few days ago, you announced some new players in your roster, with both Adjure and Genesis joining your team.

Can you tell us a short story about how these two ended up joining your team?

With the disbandment of dynasty due to lack of tournaments, adjure decided to come back in the team where he started off in competitive.

Genesis was clan-less and T-box simple asked him if he wanted to trial for Kings.

In your opinion, what do you see these players brought to the team, considering Adjure represented Dynasty in the past and Genesis played for both S2 and Nova?

Adjure and Genesis with no doubt bring a lot on the table for Kings.

They are both very talented and top players in EU.

So far, they have adapted really fast with the team changes and also proved their potential with the team in scrim practice.

By the looks of it, you parted ways with Atik who was the entry fragger for your squad.

Any particular reason why you've decided to do so?

Atik left because he wanted to join a full Turkish team.

I did not mind at all since we had a language barrier and he is probably more comfortable playing with team members in the same nationality.

Our entry fraggers right now in the team consists of Legion, Senzor and myself.

Now, the Team Liquid event is up on the horizon. How important is this event for you and what does it mean for the Critical Ops scene to see an organization like Team Liquid hosting an event?

At the moment this is probably the only important event in Critical Ops.

Therefore, the main tournament we are focusing on right now, we are constantly practicing and gaining more synergy in the team lately to be #1.

I would say Liquid tournament is one of the main motivational factor for the team to keep practicing daily, so it was pretty important for a tournament like that to show up at this point.

Looking at the list of invited teams to the event, who do you consider as the biggest threat and why?

Kings right now does not find any team as a “big” threat.

We aim to be the best in critical ops and we will hopefully achieve our goal.

However, we clearly need to watch out for a few EU teams and I personally have no clue about NA teams but I am pretty sure they will be a tough match for us in the future.

What result would satisfy you at the end of the competition?

Kings would like to achieve the #1 spot in Critical Ops, not second or third but to be known as the best.

Recently, we've seen a big influx of teams in the European scene, with a lot of them having the potential to do damage.

What do you think is the reason behind this, and can you tell us which of the newer teams you see as the potential candidate to do so?

I have a different point of view about this.

The new teams that are coming are simply teams that disbanded under another name and came back with minor roster changes which means no huge difference to us as its the same team just that they are utilizing another team brand.

Anything you want to say to the fans?

Shoutout NPS gang they are probably the only reason why I am still here and I would like to thank every fans that supported kings” - Inferno

Thanks to everyone who supported me and asked me to come back to critical ops as a comp player after this little break of S2 I’m sure we will achieve a lot of good stuff with this Kings lineup see you soon”- Genesis

We would like to thank all the fans who have supported Kings throughout our journey in Critical Ops and we hope it will continue being this way in our future endeavours!” - Legion

A new era is coming and its time for us to win every single upcoming tournament”- Impact


No”- Adjure

We thank you for your support  and we will continue to make you guys proud”- Senzor

Shill bro kings is life”- T-Box

Team Liquid event will tell a lot about the current ranking of the teams.

We’re excited to see if Kings can deliver on the expectations and if they are truly the number one team in the region.

You can follow Kings at - @kingclanios

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