Kings Demise - A new contender in the Asian Region

April 3, 2018 13:40

During the third week of the Critical Ops Winter Season, we've seen one of the better-known teams in Europe (Kings Uprising) disband in the middle of the Group Stage.

This was very unfortunate, but after talking with “Pewl”, it's obvious that there were many issues in the previous iteration of their team.

A new team rose from the ashes and they chose a very fitting name for it - “Kings Demise””.

The team's current roster consists of the following players;

  • Heaven

  • Inferno

  • Pewl

  • Unveil

  • Vanish

  • Vath (Substitute)

  • Hazzy (Substitute)

We talked about Kings Demise’s move to the Asian region, the recruitment of new players and more.

Enjoy the interview!

It's very sad to see that a team with the history such as yours is leaving the European scene. Why did you decide to move to the Asian region and create a team there?

KD's Pewl - Unfortunately, Kings was becoming very inactive and people were getting busier.

It was hard for us to continue playing the game together.

As such, being an Asian player, I initially decided to move to the Asian scene, as it was no longer possible for me to continue playing on EU time.

"Inferno" decided to come with me for similar reasons.

Our initial intention had not been to move Kings to the Asian scene, we were only aiming to start a new team altogether.

However once we noticed that the other leaders in Kings were too busy to build a team in the EU scene we decided to merge the new team we were making with Kings, instead of letting the clan die completely.

You ended the Critical Ops Winter Season with a 1-1 win/loss ratio. In the second week of the Group Stage, you got heavily outplayed team by Elevate. What was your main issue in this match?

KD's Pewl - The only issue we faced was that the people who played had mostly not been able to play for an entire week, and most of them were very rusty.

Also, many of our main players such as myself, "Adjure" and "Headshot" were busy and not able to play.

This just highlights that it was becoming very hard for us to continue playing the game as a team.

What kind of a team are you expecting to build in Asia, considering that only you and "Inferno" will be making a move?

KD's Pewl - The team is quite strong with the presence of Asian veterans such as "Vanish" and "Unveil" who have helped build the team as well.

How are you going to look for players? Will you give a chance to some new players or you are looking to recruit well-known ones?

KD's Pewl - We are not only recruiting known players but also trying to give chances to new players.

Don't you think the ping is going to be an issue once you face the best teams?

KD's Pewl - Firstly, the ping is not an issue since I am a Singaporean player and I get single digit ping on half the AS servers.

"Inferno" as well gets a much lower ping on Asian servers than on European servers.  

Coming into a new region, who do you think is going to be your toughest competition and why?

KD's Pewl - I feel that "LEFP" and "uNB" are our biggest competition, following their performances in scrims against us.

However, I don't see my team losing games unless we have unforeseen problems such as a player being heavily out of form or facing major server lag.

Do you think the Asian scene is very different from the European one?

KD's Pewl - I feel that that the Asian scene is more competitive as compared to the EU scene.

While, currently no team is better than the top EU teams such as "Elevate", there are more teams at the 'top' of the AS scene as compared to the teams at the 'top' of the EU scene.

The major reason for this is that needless clan-hopping is not seen as much in the Asian scene, and as such a lot of the best players from the Asian scene play in different teams.

If these players came together and formed a team then they would definitely be able to give teams such as "Elevate", "D2R" or "Gankstars" a run for their money.

Any words for the fans?

KD's Pewl - Just that I hope they will continue to follow our successes in the Asian region.

We’re well aware of what Kings Uprising did in the past and what they are capable of.

There’s a good chance that Kings Demise is going to become a team to beat in the Asian region fairly soon.

The only thing left for us is to wait and see how the team is going to evolve in the upcoming months.

We wish them best of luck!

You can follow Kings Demise at - @kingclanios

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