Kassad: We want to reach top 20 by the end of the year

July 3, 2018 16:34

Kassad is one of the well-known coaches on the CSGO scene.

In the past he has coached several top-tier teams such as Mousesports and Renegades.

He joined our CSGO team during June and he already coached most of our players in the previous iterations of the team.

He has recently attended two exciting LAN events with the team, so we decided to talk to him about his coaching career, LAN events, what’s next and what are his goals.


You have been a CSGO player for a very long time.

In 2016 you decided to switch from playing to full-time coaching.

What brought you to this decision?

Actually, the first time I have coached a team was during 2013 (Gamepub) at the Starladder finals.

Once I've tried it, I actually really liked it and I thought I was doing it really well.

Everything that happened after that was kind of spontaneous.

For those that might not be aware of what a coach does in a CSGO team, can you please walk us through your daily tasks?

The job of a coach is pretty much to create the team's tactics and also to make sure that every player on the team and the team itself is constantly improving.

It's also about creating a plan together with the team's in-game leader.

The important aspect of coaching is to allow players to focus on things they do well and to critique the players in a constructive way if they are doing something wrong.

When you are at the events, do you ever wish you could play again and have a more active role?

I'm sure that every coach misses playing competitively, and I'm one of those.

However, being a coach is something I enjoy every day, so I don't miss playing that much.

You've coached several top-tier teams such as Mousesports and Renegades.

You stayed with Renegades for over a year.

Why did you decide to leave them after such a long time?

Personally, I felt it was time to make a change.

I think this move was the best for me and also for the team I've coached.

Now you've are back with a team (Valiance) where you have already coached most of the players back in the days with iNation.

Would you say that they have matured and improved in the meantime?

I can definitely tell that the players have matured over the course of last two-three years, especially „LETN1“ and „Hunter“.

I'm very satisfied with what I've seen so far in this short amount of time.

You had your first 2 LAN events with the team in the last two weeks.

During the Good Game League 2018 things were looking good in the group stages.

However,  you lost to ALTERNATE aTTaX in the playoffs.

What was the main reason you were defeated by an arguably weaker team?

During this, we were in a period of transitioning so to say, as we were changing the in-game leader of the team.

Needless to say, this caused a bit of an issue with the communication, which literally cost us that semifinals.

Next up was Zotac Cup Masters Europe, where we've seen the team dominating in the Group Stage.

The team then got a lead in the first elimination match, but ultimately lost 1-2 against Windigo.

What went wrong this time?

In that match, there were several key rounds which we shouldn't have lost on the second and the third map.

Unfortunately for us, we did lose them and that lead to our defeat.

As a team, we're already working to fix those mistakes in order to turn the tide of the match in our favor next time.

What are the biggest weaknesses and the strengths of team Valiance?

I would say our biggest weakness is the fact that we didn't attend that many LAN events.

I would also mention that the lack of structure is also our weakness, however, we're working hard since Good Game League and Zotac Cup Masters to fix that as soon as possible.

Our biggest strength is that we're always united as a team and I would say we're one big family which is very rare to see today in e-sports.

What would you say is a realistic goal for the team in the next 6 months to a year?

With a lot of hard work, I would say that we have a chance of becoming a top 20 team by the end of this year and also stay there.

Of course, the ESL Pro League is one of our main goals and a real opportunity for us.

Is there anything you wish to say to the fans?

I'd like to thank everyone that is supporting the team.

It means a lot to us.

Without you, this game wouldn't be what it is for us.

It's only been a month since Kassad joined Valiance as the head coach.

With time, we're sure he will improve our teamplay and fix the mistakes we've been making.

Top 20 should be just a matter of time!

You can follow Kassad at - twitter.com/kassadCSGO

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