Kam unbanned and ready to roll

April 5, 2018 16:46

Kam is a well-known player in the professional C-Ops scene and is also one of the best U-ratio players out there.

The last time we've seen him play competitively was during the „Critical Ops Championship Series“ where he had one of the most dominating individual performances up to date.

This was back during September of 2017. Afterward he was banned for 10 months for breaching the contract by forging a signature.

At the time he was a member of „Gankstars“ and he was trying to leave the team in order to join a newly formed team - „D2R.Insidious“.

Initially it was announced that he won't be able to participate in any competitive Critical Ops Valiance tournaments until 1st of July 2018.

Today we have decided to shorten Kam’s ban punishment and allow him to play in the upcoming Valiance tournaments from this moment on.

We believe he has learned his lesson.

He had enough time to reflect on how he behaved in the past as a player.

Considering how strong of a player he is and what kind of an impact he has, we're sure that he is going to join a top tier team in no time.

The North American region is probably the most competitive Critical Ops region at the moment and with  „Kam“ being back thing at the top could change pretty soon.

Welcome back, Kam!

You can follow Kam at - twitter.com/KamCops

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