Kam rejoins his former team D2R

May 18, 2018 11:45

Kam had a rough return to the pro scene after his competitive ban expired.

First he joined a very promising top team – SpacestationGG.

However, right after their first competitive match in the Critical Ops Spring Invitational, one of the players on the team (Evolve) got banned for cheating.

SpacestationGG was eliminated from the tournament and disbanded.

Now, Kam has decided to return to his former team – D2R.

To better understand this decision, we asked him a couple of questions.


SpacestationGG looked like a dream team until Evolve got banned for cheating.

After that, your organization decided to disband the team, and the remaining players parted ways.

Why didn't the team just get a replacement for Evolve?

I was really upset when we got released it put a big dent in my plans for the future.

I was gonna stay with the team, but later I spoke with Alpha and he said that he was going to search for something better (Gankstars).

I knew alpha was joining GS way before it was announced.

I wasn’t mad at him because he is a good friend of mine.

So I decided to go into free agency.

How did this whole situation make you feel since you were not able to play competitive C-Ops for quite a while?

Well, I didn’t really feel much because I had already not been playing for a while so I was used to it.

If this didn't happen, do you think you would be able to win the Spring Invitational?

SpacestationGG would have been a really great team but no one knows the future so who knows if it would have been the next legendary team.

Did you receive offers from other teams before joining D2R?

I've received multiple offers from different teams. I took each one of them into consideration and I slept on it for a day.

After that, I've made a decision that I would be returning to my home team.

Can you explain how you ended up joining D2R?

During the previous week, my brother and my best friend „J7“  got banned from competitive Critical Ops.

This made me very upset and sad at the same time, cause I've been looking forward to playing with „J7“ ever since I got banned.

After that went down, the team owner of D2R (Legacy) told me that he would like to have a call.

He asked me to lead the team and take over the roster.

Without much thinking, I told him immediately that I would do it.

I always looked at „J7“ and he told me over and over again how much D2R meant to him.

His goal was always to beat Gankstars and that's what I promised to do.

This is pretty much the story of how I ended up joining D2R.

Do you believe this team has what it takes to make it to the First Global Critical Ops LAN Tournament?

I'm not sure because I was banned and Gankstars were winning all the tournaments.

But does this team have what it takes to win the LAN?


For the OG fans that remember back in 2017 when I said TPHX would be the best, it ended up being true for 7 months.

This time I have promised to win with D2R and I’ll stick to it.

Anything you wish to say to your fans?

I hope you will wish us the best of luck and trust in the process of becoming the best team.

We'd like to thank Kam for his time and hope that he will have a long and successful era with D2R.

You can follow Kam at - twitter.com/D2R_Kam

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