Judgement: It won’t be a surprise if IFL beats Gankstars

May 4, 2018 11:47

The best C-Ops teams are about to clash and Gankstars are yet again among them.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you were watching the quarterfinals it kind of does .

Gankstars lost their first game against D2R, but then managed an insane comeback and proved that you just can not count them out.

This weekend, they're going to face IFL, the team they defeated to win the Winter Season crown.

We wanted to see how Gankstars feel before the upcoming semifinals, so we talked to Judgement about their comeback and recent events in the world of C-Ops.

Enjoy the interview!

In the quarterfinals of the Critical Ops Spring Invitational, you managed to come back after losing the 1st map pretty hard (2:13 Grounded).

What happened there and how did you manage to turn the match around?

GS' Judgement - I’ve seen many Bo3 matches in my time as a manager of the Gankstars Critical Ops team.

This match was my personal favorite out of all of them.

D2R came into the tournament strongly and won the first match, proving their stake as one of the top teams in the Critical Ops scene.

However, there was a method to choosing Grounded as the first match of the series.

We selected the map as an ego booster for D2R - a way of giving them false confidence.

If they won, they’d go on thinking they were going to win the series. If they lost, though, they’d go on to play harder and be better competition.

Recently we've seen SSG's Evolve get banned for cheating.

Since then, there seems to be a lot of discussion regarding certain players using cheats.

What is your opinion on the situation and how difficult do you think it is to find out if someone is cheating?

GS' Judgement - What happened with SSG and Evolve is unfortunate and casts a poor reflection on the Critical Ops competitive scene.

SSG had great players and the practice and strategy to come away successfully.

Evolve was caught hacking and the team disqualified which made SSG leave the scene.

While some people still don’t believe that Evolve was cheating, I’ve seen evidence that proves otherwise.

I can only imagine the disappointment in the SSG team when they found out about Evolve.

Do you think that ex-SpacestationGG members are still able to come back and form a top team after recent events?

GS' Judgement - While SSG had potential and a great line up, after their ousting from the Valiance tournament, the consensus among the players is that they will not reform SSG and will go their separate ways.

You are set to face IFL in the AMERICAS semifinals. In the previous season, you managed to beat them convincingly (3-0) in the Grand-Finals.

Do you think they became a better team or do you expect to run over them once again?

GS' Judgement - Winning by such a large margin against IFL was something I was not expecting last season.

It still surprises me even today.

This past loss only served to motivate and give them the drive to come back more powerful than ever.

If we see IFL go home victorious this weekend, it will not be surprising.

We've seen MVP get some playtime in the Quarterfinals.

What is SMG's role in the team and is there a chance that we might see him in any of the upcoming matches?

GS' Judgement - While SMG’s role in the team is as a substitute player, that doesn’t mean he is out of our lineup.

If you do get to see him play this season, you’re going to love his sheer skill at the game.

He’s a valuable asset to our team, and we are glad that he is here supporting our competitive side.

Are you happy that South and North America are once again combined in a single bracket, or did you prefer the format from the previous season?

GS' Judgement - In regards to the cross-regional gameplay of the Valiance tournament, I disagree with the format.

While I do enjoy seeing matches with teams from different regions facing off against each other, these games are not accurate representations of skill.

In my opinion, being on local servers gives teams a significant advantage.

You can almost always guess match outcomes by knowing where each team is playing at and if they are close to equal in skill.

This format is unfair to the team that is not in the region at the time.

Is there anything you wish to say to your fans, or to the Critical Ops community as a whole?

GS' Judgement - While some say that Critical Ops is declining, I know otherwise.

Don’t be discouraged by people with this mindset.

Critical Ops is stronger than ever. C-OPS can even run at 120 fps on newer devices, giving the gameplay a refined touch. Remember, with the competitive scene flourishing and the players training harder than ever, the future for this game is a bright one.

In victory or defeat, Gankstars are always humble and that is what makes them one of the greatest teams in Critical Ops.

We'd like to thank Judgement for taking the time to talk to us and we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming matches.

Do you think IFL can overcome Gankstars this time?

The match between Gankstars and IFL will begin on 6th of May at 19:00 EDT

Make sure to tune in at youtube.com/valiancegg and watch it live!

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