Introduction: SetToDestroyX

August 16, 2017 04:48

This time again, we are back with a brief preview & prediction of SetToDestroyX. Those of you who think this team is new, well it isn't, it's the robust lineup of Team Viral! Just like "Old wine in a New Bottle!". Yes, the boys are back to compete for a massive prize pool of $10 000.

Basically, SetToDestroyX is an eSports organization, founded in 2010 that picked up the roster of Team Viral, (also known as TMH later), foraying into the competitive scene. StDx has risen to fame at a very fast pace, considering old teams that have always dominated the scene. They made it to the finals in the ESL EU CUP #1 but lost to Kings. Afterward, they lagged behind, as they lost to Ascent, Cata as well as Kings in the respective ESL cups. But, that didn't stop them, they dethroned Kings in the ESL EU CUP #6, and stole the show as well as people's hearts by winning the Championship!

Speaking of roster changes, StDx has lost some of their good members during their journey in the scene. 3 to be specific, namely, Jspirit, Abz & Turret, who are now in Kings. And to bridge the gap, German competitive players such as G2 & Exo have joined the roster, along with a cherry on the cake, Fizzy, an experienced former Kings member! These players have given much spark to the team and the lineup does look promising. Players such as Tekow, Overload, Primzah, Zen & the captain of the ship, Master Bates, who have been in the team since the start, seem to play consistently together and deliver sheer performance in the game.

Sid's prediction: SetToDestroyX's performance has been consistent although considering the fallbacks, drawbacks and roster changes in their team. IMP, Gankstars, & Kings as well, seem to be a bit tough to deal with, but along with decent roster additions, and with practice, they might be able to win against them. Only time will tell!

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