Introduction: Imperial

August 19, 2017 10:33

Another day, another interview. This time we focus on this very dominant team based in North America, that already won 5 major tournaments since its birth back in April of 2017 — Imperial! 

For Team Imperial it all started with the North American team of Kings Clan better known as Kings Redemption. 
Back then, Kings merged with Hammers Esports but the collaboration between the legendary Kings Clan and the famous Mobile Esports franchise lasted only 2 months because of internal disagreements.
In January, Smiley (King Redemption's captain) announced most of the players were leaving Hammers Esports for Team Phoenix in order to create something special and that's just what they did. BamBam, Weroo, Tempy, Agony, Future, Legacy, Retroz and a few more followed Smiley. With all these players, Team Phoenix grew stronger than ever, having 2 super teams with all the best NA players. While others followed, Akjon tried to get his own story going someplace else. 

Critical Ops competition at that time was mostly stagnating or growing slowly while the community was dissatisfied with the lack of competition. There were literally no other teams except Kings Uprising and Team Phoenix so Akjon got the idea to create a team that would give Phoenix and Kings a run for their money and bring the community back to life. From that context, Team Imperial was born and exists till this day.

Akjon decided to create the team, and lead it with 2 others captains. Akjon decided to contact Retroz and he decided to offer him a captain spot for this new team. Drone, one of the players of Team Phoenix main team was kicked a long time ago and was offered the last captain spot which he accepted wholeheartedly.
Afterwards, they started their recruitment process targeting top dogs of NA scene in the likes of Crim, Thesk, Evolve.

That being said, Imperial was on their path to become the best team in their region if not in the whole world. The first tournament they played was the one from Mobile Esports called World Cup and lost against Gankstars. Thankfully players from Imperial did not give up and recruited Alpha, Kam and J7 too. The next tournament they played was Americas Challenger where whole competition was basically revolving around them. They bounced back and managed to win Valiance Spring Season, the first TDM tournament and Sniper tournament made by Mobile Esports and the 2 first seasons of Critical Leagues. 
In the beginning of June, Imperial has been acquired by CycloneGG but for some internal reasons/problems, The team decided to leave the organization after a month.

Now the team is totally different as all the previous players except Lala, left the team. 
The captains managed to recruit a lot of highly skilled players based in North America like Protox, BamBam and many others. 

Breezy’s prediction: This new Imperial is totally different than the old roster and it is gonna be exciting to see them in action this Sunday against other top teams. I’d say Imperial is gonna win against SetToDestroyX but in the finals, they’re gonna struggle, whether it’s gonna be Kings or Gankstars.

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