Introducing new EU team: Team Eternity

March 19, 2019 16:27

European Critical Ops scene is definitely the most competitive one.

With the creation of new competitive teams, it’s getting difficult to call with certainty who’s the number one team in the region.

Team Eternity is next in the line which deserved a lengthy interview!

In order to learn more about them, we talked with kraveN.

Introduce your team to us and tell us your players roles.

Eternity is a European clan that appeared as a competitive team at the end of September 2018 by a couple of friends that wanted to play together most of their free time.

Managers and players have changed a lot as time passed.

People left, better people joined but no matter which kind of persons will be in this team there always will be one goal: To win, to be always
top one.

We have changed a lot during the last 4 months.

We started playing together not only individual, we started respected each other and their opinions, also we started winning tournaments, proving ourselves that we deserve to be one of the best Europe teams.

The lineup suffered a lot of chances but right now Eternity is being represented by the following players:

BadBoy - In-game leader, support

Sadok - Support, rifler

Mar - entry

Caps - sniper

Caliber - entry

Waxeno - support

Military - support

What does it mean for you to have Restey in the team and how does his experience help you grow and improve the team?

Restey joined us a couple of days after Dynasty announced that they decided to leave the competitive scene.

Restey as a coach is mostly helping the team with new strats, new places to throw utilities, making the communication better and preparing the team for one of the best Critical Ops tournaments ever made.

Restey being in Eternity is making us feel that we deserve what we have right now and we can do better as Restey being a tier 1 player with a lot of experience that can pull over the victory with us.

What online cups did you participate in the recent past and are you satisfied with the results?

Being an E-sports team, we always have moments when we rise, when we fall but falling down is that moment when you can understand what you are doing wrong and in our case, this is making us stronger.

I can say that the last weeks we aren't finding ourselves, everyone is trying to get in another direction, not the direction we all talked to go.

Last 4 months changed the team a lot.

We started winning lots of tier 1 teams, playing a lot of tournaments such as Allegiance, Mystic, Polaris, Illyrians and we were successful as we were always top 1.

During the ESL weeks we could manage to win best teams in the EU scene, teams such as North(S2), Exclusive, Reign, Exalt, E8, and others.

We tried to pull ourselves up, to show that we deserve more than C-OPS community thought at that time.

We have to work a lot now as the spirit went away.

The fights between players started being more aggressive and we are losing our position on the EU top but as I said before we are learning from our mistakes and by everyday things are coming back, players are feeling more comfortable playing together as they have always a reason to smile.

Comment the current state of the European scene.

The EU scene is very unpredictable right now because everyone is trying their best to proceed, to win no matter what happens.

Small teams coming up, big teams falling down.

EU scene is very active right now because, in my opinion, everyone wants to be the first, to show that they are working for something, they have a goal and they are trying to achieve it.

EU teams now are mostly trying to show that they aren't losers and no matter what kind of difficulties they will find during their journey, they will always have their eyes open only for one thing, to be the first.

In my opinion, the EU title is between Kings Uprising and Team Elevate as you never know how the thing is going between these 2 teams.

One month Elevate is showing aggression then Kings are making their way to the first place so you never know as they are always trying to prove us that they deserve to be number one.

Are you going to play in the Team Liquid cup and what are your goals for it?

Team Liquid Cup is a tournament which is giving a great opportunity to teams to prove themselves.

Being one of the teams mentioned being invited motivated us that we should spend time playing this cup, also being one of the teams mentioned this means that community thinks that we deserve it and we got the level for this kind of tournaments.

Everyone has different option and expectation but the most realistic one is getting the 4th place but for this.

We should concentrate and play like we are usually playing, without stress and without pressure.

Do you want to say something to the community?

We are grateful to all those who supported us and are still by our side.

It is for those that we are so much improved today and ready to stage a challenge against some of the best teams in Europe.

Eternity will continue to deliver jaw-dropping performances for everyone in the community, be it our haters or supporters.

Keep an eye out for us because we are going to achieve a lot more in the coming days!

Also, we are inviting everyone to our server to spend time, to laugh and smile with us!

Eternity Server link:

Eternity is looking a serious contender in the region.

Let’s see what they can bring up to the table in the upcoming events.

You can follow Eternity at - @eternityFTW

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