Interview with SEM1 of NiA

August 8, 2017 00:30

Our next interview is with Sem1 of NiA, undoubtedly the best team in the South America region! Topics talked about today are the SA Region and their past Valiance results and how they will improve this year!  

TOY: So hello SEM1, quick intro, who you are, what team you play for, and how long you have played C-OPS.
SEM1: Hello, I am SEM1, leader of the NiA (Nerds in Arms) best placed Brazilian team in the world and I am a C-OPS moderator. I have been playing since the game's release in 2015.

TOY: South America is a region many people don't know about, but is huge in player base, can you give us some fun facts about your region many people don't know about?
SEM1: In South America, more specifically Brazil, has one of the largest publics of cops, more like the old phrase, but quantity is not quality, 90% of players are new without experience in fps. A fact that many do not know is our difficulty to get good equipment to play the game with quality, in Brazil everything it's more difficult with these things. 

TOY: What's something you would like CFE or the community to help your region out?
SEM1: We need local championships, with cash prizes to catch attention from other Brazilian orgs and create interest in the game. We need these championships for the teams to take this game more seriously. If we were to have a regional or national championship, the chance of winning would be greater than with international championship, this would be an incentive for our players and amateur teams to train, dedicate and believe that they can get the title.

TOY: Let's talk about Valiance Spring Season, what were your goals, you did achieve 3rd in Winter Season, but were you trying to get a higher placement?
SEM1: Our goal is always the first place, the more we know our level and we know where our limit is, 3rd place is something of great importance to us, and we will seek it again!

TOY: Talking about 3rd place, what happened in the match against CsPG, was it ping issues miss communication, just terrible plays?
SEM1: We suffered an attack in our TeamSpeak, knocked down our server during the match, that was bad enough, the server where we played was the worst server in Asia with no chance to play, but despite everything, we congratulate them, they achieved victory and 3rd place in a fair fashion.

TOY: Since you guys are THE team in SA, what other teams should we be on the look out for?
SEM1: The team that will surprise everyone is "iN Gaming", they are great young players with much skill. I believe they are the team who will put up a fight against us.

TOY: How about your team's mentality, how will it be this season after a 4th place finish last season?
SEM1: We will give our maximum and maintain the tradition of SA's best team, we will fight for it but always respecting our opponents.

TOY: How about in your team, who is the Star player to look out for, or who will surprise us this season?
SEM1: Reziq is a player that will surprise everyone, skill-wise and intelligence-wise. I believe he will be the best player on our team.

TOY: Who are your 4 teams to make the playoffs this season?
SEM1: NA - D2R x Insidious, SA - NiA, AS - CsPG, EU - Kings Uprising

TOY: If these were the teams to make it through how would you favor your chances against them?
SEM1: Let's fight for the title like every season. The difference is that we are more experienced than before and that will help us to get a good placement! 

NiA is a team that is a Dark Horse every season, almost always guaranteed a 4th place finish. Will that trend end or will they exceed expectations and get that much-needed victory for the Brazilians? Make sure to stay tuned and watch some awesome action this Summer Season to find out!

TOY writes for Valiance and can be found on Twitter

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