Interview with Hammers ahead of the Americas Grand Finals

November 29, 2018 20:40

Hammers Esports finally emerged as the best team in North America.

In the Semi-Finals, they were able to beat U4X in a nail-biting series, where we've seen one-versus-one at the end of the third map decide the outcome.

Now, they're set to face Insanity Killers in the Grand Finals.

To find out how the preparation has been going, we decided to ask their coach (@CauseOfDeath) several questions ahead of the match.


U4X got an early lead against you in the Semi-Finals on Bureau, where your Terrorist side looked a bit lackluster.

What went wrong for you here?

When approaching the 1st map in this case Bureau, we wanted to establish play styles, patterns and player positioning from the other team.

I think our downfall for those 1st rounds where we were too focused on gathering that game information rather than utilizing a few of our strats that we have established earlier on to secure more economy in those rounds.

Letting our economy slip hurt us.

Right after that, you managed to bounce back on Canals, even though you were trailing by 6 rounds at one point.

In your opinion, what allowed you to do that and even the series?

This is where our previously acquired knowledge of their more aggressive nature from the 1st map and a blend of teammate trust came in handy, getting crucial re-frags and pinches were a big key to retaking that lead.

Along with moral support from players like "Night" it helped ensure the team mentally that we were going to win.

Last game of the series (Plaza), could have been anyone's game, but “High” stepped up to the challenge and saved it for you.

Did you expect such a finish and can you tell us what were your thoughts throughout this match?

Heart racing, nothing pure adrenaline!

We knew it was going to be an entertaining match but I don't think any of us expected it to come down to a 12-12, one versus one with 20 seconds on the clock!  

Throughout this match we wanted to make sure that we remained as calm and as sharp as possible, making sure we did not let emotions get in the way of our gameplay or strategies.

We wanted to maintain our cool while performing at that high of a stressful environment.

What does it mean for you to be the best North American team right now, considering you eliminated U4X and Gankstars are no longer playing?

It means more hard work, innovation and focus on keeping our current spot as North America's best team.

We will continue to adapt evolve and grow in ways that have yet to be seen while working to surpass our limits and others expectations.

Now, you are going up against Insanity Killers, who didn't really have any competition in the South American side of the bracket.

Would you say you are the favorites coming into this one and why?

As far as favorites, we believe we will come out strong and put on a show!

We have the love of North America roaring behind our backs and I have complete faith in our team so for NA I'd like to we are the favorites going into this matchup.

We are excited to give them the competition you said they missed!

Which 2 players would you point out from their team that you consider as the biggest threat?

BRGOMES“ has a great sense and adaptation to different game styles and „Cosmos1“ aggression are things we plan to look ahead for.

Tell us your overall opinion and impressions for Autumn Invitational so far.

So far it has been great, it was a fun and flashy start to show everyone that we still have the entertainment skills and value, then the 2nd semifinals was amazing because we finally got to put our skills to the test against a great team and past friends.

So far this invitational has delivered a lot of excitement and joy to our team.

We've all made a lot of great memories so far and are looking forward to making more.  It has been a blast watching the other teams compete and battle it out as well there have been some pretty amazing moments.

Anything you wanna say to your fans prior to the Grand Finals?

To the Hammer Family and North America, we love you and will always appreciate all the support and love you give our team.

All the amazing, people and kind words that you guys have given help push us and drive us to strive for the best possible team we can have.

Without your support its hard to imagine where we'd be!

Thank you for putting your trust, time and love into Hammers Esports.

We can't wait to put our all out and compete while representing North America!

Hammers Esports have a chance to get their first title.

Do you think they can do it?

Let us know down in the comments how you feel about it.

You can follow Hammers Esports at - @HammersEsports

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