Interview: Angel creates his own team - Dynasty

April 10, 2018 20:31

We've seen Angel playing for Team Elevate during the Critical Ops Winter season.

They lost against Nova eSports in the Grand Finals and several key players decided to leave the team after that.

One of them was Angel, who chose to create his own team called Dynasty.

In the interview, we talk about his time with Elevate, the creation of his team and the goals for the upcoming months among other things.


You were not able to play in the Critical Ops Winter Season European Grand Finals. In hindsight, do you think that’s one of the main reasons your team lost?

No, I would definitely not call it the biggest reason.

My team might have been more confident with me in the game but I would say that our biggest problem was that we never practiced.

Some of us played C-Ops individually to not lose in skill but some were busy with real-life things and therefore were not able to show up as well as they did in the past.

After the season, you and several other players decided to leave Elevate. The team disbanded once again. Can you tell us why?

First of all, Elevate hasn't disbanded, they only underwent big roster changes.

My intentions never were to destabilize the team by leaving or cause any other problems.

I think it happened because some players were really unhappy the way the whole team worked, be it lack of practice, public statements and more.

I knew from the beginning when I joined E8 that there are a lot of different personalities on the team which sometimes don't work really well together even though there might be team synergy there in-game.

It was a challenge I was willing to accept and still would if not other things happened which I will mention later on.

Of course to top it off the fear of loss due to the lack of practice proved to be reasonable as we lost in the Grand Finals and finally caused the team to be split.

Lastly, players doubted their own teammates and lost faith.

Recently, you created your own team called Dynasty. Why did you do it and what players are in the lineup at the moment?

Since Team Phoenix disbanded I always wanted to make my own team. I was on the brink of creating a team multiple times but each time something got in my way.

This time it's different.

I saw the opportunity to build a consistent base of my team with the players I recruited and really like playing with.

Besides that Critical Force announced to host at least one LAN event in 2018 and the chance of Team Elevate going was quite small due to personal reasons.

My team members which are "Abz", "Adjure", "Kuba", "Headshot", and "Hushy" are not only able to attend a live event, but are also people I know for a very long time.

So with the hopes up to be able to qualify for at least one live event, I created the team.

The two reasons why I chose those players is the fact that I know them well from my time in Kings' Uprising and two, they are one of the few talented ones in the European scene.

I am still looking for a couple semi-known players to complete the roster and maybe find new talents but please do not spam me since I pick them myself.

What are are some short-term goals you would like to achieve with this team?

My main goal is to settle as a top 3 European team with my current roster and eventually train some newer players on the way.

I can't promise that the team will win tournaments in the near future, but it will come for sure.

If you get a opportunity from a strong team in a different region, would you consider swapping regions once again?

Not in the near future, no.

Not long ago, Kam got unbanned and he joined a promising team called SpacestationGG alongside your former teammate Alpha. Do you think this team can shift the balance in the North American region and dethrone Gankstars?

I think that the team has a great chance of defeating Gankstars.

In my opinion, Spacestation has the upper hand in terms of pure skill and if they use it correctly they should be able to be the best team in NA.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Stay tuned to my twitter and youtube to receive updates on my team, how to join its discord and more.

Keep up with the support.

Angel's new team definitely looks promising and with some practice, we're sure they have a chance to become one of the best teams in Europe and perhaps the World.

We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

You can follow Angel at - @i0sAngel

You can follow Dynasty at - @Dynasty

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