Insanity Killers prevail in a roller coaster of a game vs Battalion

May 16, 2018 16:05

The AMERICAS semifinals/South American regional finals brought us a real thriller.

It was extremely close and exciting and definitely worth a read. ;)

Here is a breakdown of what happened.

Insanity Killers vs Battalion

Map: Grounded

Team Battalion started the match on the Counter-Terrorist side of the map and they got on the offensive in the first pistol round by pushing B long, which allowed them to draw first blood.

However, Insanity Killers were able to plant the bomb on the opposite site and also get a frag.

During the retake of the A bomb spot, each of the Battalion players got a single kill, eliminating IK and securing the first round.

Insanity Killer rushed the A site in the following eco round, planted the bomb, but didn’t get the round, as Battalion's „Izzin“ got the last two frags and defused the bomb.

The first gun round of the game featured an A site execution by Insanity Killers, which was promptly stopped by Battalion's „ReziQ“ and „Mihawk“, as they were able to get the entry frags, stopping Insanity Killers attempt of conquering the bomb spot.

This forced Insanity Killers into another eco round. Battalion easily stopped their push and Insanity Killers were unable to get a single frag.

Insanity Killers got on the scoreboard in the fifth round thanks to „SheikDxress“.

First, he got a triple frag by hitting „Mihawk“, „SEM1“ and „ReziQ“ to open up the A bomb spot and later he killed „iZzin“ to seal the deal.

The sixth round of the match was a crazy one since Battalion's „Mihawk“ was able to turn it around for his team by winning a 1v3 against „Alef“, „BrGomes“ and „C0sm0s“ and then defusing the bomb at the end.

The teams traded the next two rounds.

Battalion won the first one thanks to a successful push by „Kak4“ and „iZzin“, while the second one came down to a 2v2 on the A bomb spot, where IK's „SheikDxress“ and „C0sm0s“ stood strong and grabbed the round.

In the 9th round of the match, we've seen yet another 2v2 on the A bomb spot, but this time it was Battalion that emerged victorious as „Mihawk“ killed both „C0sm0s“ and „yNotCampSKee“ in order to secure the round for his team.

Insanity Killers attempts to take the B bomb spot in the following two rounds were unsuccessful due to Battalion's aggressive play, which allowed them to get the entry kills and stop the push.

In the last round of the half, Insanity Killers had a 3v2 advantage, however, a grenade by Battalion's „Mihawk“ turned the situation upside down, killing both „Alef“ and „SheikDxress“. Batallion got the round and ended the half with a 8 round lead.

Once the sides swapped, Battalion did a fake on the A site with a couple of grenades and decided to rotate over to the B site.

This worked great as they caught IK's „BrGomes“ completely off guard, allowing them to get the bomb spot and extend their lead.

Battalion secured the following eco round as well, bringing the game to the match point.

Game over, right?

Nope, not at all. Keep on reading.

Battalion's somewhat careless play allowed Insanity Killers to win the force-buy in the 15th round of the match, as „ReziQ“ and „Kak4“ were unable to win a 2v3 against the remaining IK players.

In the following round, IK's „C0sm0s“ and „BrGomes“ stepped up for the team by getting a double kill each,  stopping Battalion's push.

The 17th round of the match forced Battalion into an eco round and even though they were able to reach the bomb site, they couldn't plant the bomb. Another round for IK.

Insanity Killers decided to play aggressively in the next two rounds. Battalion couldn't stop them, as they were only able to kill a single player in one of the rounds.

In the 20th round of the match, Battalion opted to do an A site execution which turned into a 2v2 situation after the frags were exchanged.

Once again Insanity Killers triumphed, as „BrGomes“ and „C0sm0s“ won their duels against „Mihawk“ and „iZzin“.

The round after that, Insanity Killer went towards A once more and even though it was initially a 3v3 situation, Battalion players couldn't get any kills, which allowed IK's „Alef“ to grab the round.

IK's „BrGomes“ and „C0sm0s“ saved their team yet again in the 22nd round of the match by winning a 2v3 situation, featuring an incredible retake of the A bomb spot and a bomb defuse.

Battalion almost ended the game in the 24th round by having a four-versus-three advantage after the plant on the A bomb spot.

However, it came down to a 1v1, where „SEM1“ made a huge misplay by letting „Alef“ defuse the bomb. Suddenly it was 12:12 and it all came down to one last round.

In the last round of the match, Battalion planted on the A bomb spot, while having one player less than Insanity Killers.

In the end, IK’s „SheikDxress“ got the last two kills and grabbed the last point for his team. Insanity Killers won 13:12!

IK's „C0sm0s“ had some great shots with his U-ratio in this match, while „SheikDxress“ ability to acquire multi kills was a big part of his team’s amazing comeback.

Map: Legacy

This time Battalion started the match on the Terrorist side of the map.

In the first pistol round, they decided to split push the B bomb spot.

After the initial exchange of kills, they rotated over to the A site with a three-versus-two advantage going into their favor.

However, IK’s “Alef” and “SheikDxress” did manage to kill “SEM1”, “Kak4” and “Mihawk”, which allowed them IK get the first round of the game.

Insanity Killers won the following eco round with ease.

In the first gun round, Battalion opted to push the A bomb spot, but that didn’t work in their favor. “BrGomes” and “C0sm0s” stopped the push by getting the triple entry frag for their team, not losing a single player in the round.

The next round, Battalion was forced into another eco round and again they weren’t able to do much.

The fifth round of the match featured a B bomb spot push by Battalion, but before they were able to execute it, they got rushed by “BrGomes”, who was able to get a double kill. Once the push reached the bomb spot, it was stopped by “GOLL1NS” and “SheikDxress” without them breaking a sweat.

Battalion finally showed some signs of life in the 6th round of the match thanks to a well-timed rotation to the B site, where “SEM1” and “Mihawk” were able to kill “SheikDxress” and “GOLL1NS”. This left IK’s “C0sm0s” in an unwinnable 1v3 situation with very low HP and put Batallion on the scoreboard.

In the following round Battalion prevailed once again and this time with an A bomb spot tactic.

SEM1” managed to sneak himself to the A site, got a double kill, which enabled his team to get the remaining frags and secure the round.

The next two rounds ended up being a 2v1 situations in favor of Insanity Killers.

Both times,  Battalion’s players (“Reziq” and “Kak4”) were unable to clutch the point for their team.

In the 10th round of the match we saw an amazing performance by Battalion’s “Mixhawk”.

He was able to turn a one-versus-four into a one-versus-one.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to win the round, as “GOLL1NS” put a stop to his rampage.

Until the end of the half, Battalion was able to win another round, ending the half with a 6 round deficit.

After the side swap, Insanity killers opted to rush the B bomb spot, but Battalion got most of the frags.

Ultimately, IK’s “BrGomes” ended up in a 1v2 situation that he couldn’t win, resulting in a round for Battalion.

Insanity Killers weren’t flustered by this and they got the following round by rushing the B bomb spot. “SheikDxress” and “C0sm0s” played a perfect 2v2 situation to secure the round after the bomb was planted.

In the following round Battalion decided to buy a lot of shotguns, which worked great as “ReziQ”,“iZzin” and “SEM1” all got frags with them, allowing their team to clinch the round.

Battalion was able to close the score gap by winning the next two rounds, with the last one being a close call, as “Mihawk” barely won the 1v1 clutch against “GOLL1NS”.

The 18th round of match featured a great performance from IK’s “C0sm0s”, who won the round for his team.

It was impressive to see what he was able to do with only 22HP left after the second kill.

In the 19th and 20th round Battalion defense looked way stronger than before.

They lost only two players in each of the rounds before they were able to wipeout Insanity Killers.

The next two rounds ended up being very close.

First, Battalion’s “SEM1” won the 1v1 against IK’s “Alef” on the A bomb spot, while in the second round IK’s “GOLL1NS” was unable to win a 1v2 versus “iZzin” and “SEM1”.

This tied the score.

In the 23rd round of the match, Insanity killers decided to play very slow and make an execution on the A bomb spot.

This worked wonders for them, as “BrGomes” and “Alef” got the entry frags on the site, winning the round for the team.

“BrGomes” got the double entry frag with his U-ratio in the last round of the match, allowing his team to get the rest of the frags and win the game!

The match ended with a very close 13-11 scoreline in favor of Insanity Killers.

All of the players from Insanity killers played very well, especially “C0sm0s” who stepped up again when his team needed him.

It’s great to see that Insanity Killers were able to fix their mistakes from the previous season and perform well under pressure.

We enjoyed an amazing game, full of twists and thrilling moments.

It was really fun watching this semifinals.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the recap.

The “Americas” Grand Finals are scheduled for 20th of May.

Make sure to tune in then at

We are sure it’s going to be a hell of a game!

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