Infinity Forge Disbands Its Critical Ops Team

May 7, 2018 13:33

Last week, Infinity Forge announced the disbandment of their C-Ops team and the decision to retire from competitive Critical Ops for now.

The last time we've seen them compete in the top tier league was during the Critical Ops Winter Season.

We wanted to know the reason behind their decision, so we decided to talk with their team manager „Koko“  and the founder of Infinity Forge - „AWKN“.


You didn't play great during the C-Ops Winter Season and you only managed to win a single game against Impreza.

What was the main reason for your subpar performance?

KOKO: During the Critical OPS Winter Season we had a bit of struggles.

Two of those struggles led us to our bad performance during the Season.

One of them was the lack of team practice prior to the Season, the Team itself had not done a single practice for weeks which led us to play very uncoordinatedly during our Group Stage Matches.

After our loss to Team Pharaohs the team knew that the match should be ours, but due to lack of practice they failed to win the match.

Soon after everyone started practicing but it was a little too late as the Season was already underway.

Another one of our struggles was the fact that two of our starters ("Voltz", and "Antony" (DOMO)) were not able to play all 5 Group Stage matches, which meant that I, the team manager, had to go in as a sub as there were no roster changes and we were unable to add our new substitutes to the roster.

The top regional teams (Gankstars, IFL, D2R) simply outplayed you. Is it safe to say that those teams were on another level at the time?

KOKO -  Gankstars, IFL, and D2R are definitely on another level.

Part of this reason is that they have pretty consistent rosters that have practiced and worked together for months.

While Infinity Forge had a pretty consistent roster for a  few months despite our subs, they didn't really practice as they should've been practicing to be able to perform at a better level versus these top teams.

You just announced on Twitter that Infinity Forge won't be competing in Critical Ops anymore.

What lead to this decision?

AWKN:  We decided that it just made sense to walk away from the game at this point.

We had announced a new roster that we were excited about a couple days ago (including salaries).

But, a few players quit or decided they didn’t want to play for us before the scheduled first day of practice (Monday). That played a part in our decision to leave.

It was unfortunate, but we’ve come to realize that team instability is a constant theme within the competitive scene among teams not ranked in the top 3 or 4.

We’re incredibly confident that if we would have had a team stay together for longer than a month they would have been a formidable force.

We’ve been lucky to have had many talented players represent our banner, but our teams always struggled as a whole due to roster instability, inconsistent practice, etc.

Our decision to take some time away from the critical ops scene was also influenced by all the recent scandals.

What is your comment on the recent hacking scandals and what is going happen to Infinity Forge players.

Did most of them find new teams, are they going to merge, or quit the game?

AWKN: There is a lot of confusion and controversy behind not only the banning of Evolve, but also the alleged mod purchasing by a few well known professional players.

Critical Force has done little to earn the communities confidence with how they’ve handled recent events.

Hacking has plagued the competitive scene since before we were involved and it seems like little has changed, other than a few temporary fixes.

The recent scandal with Evolve seems to be nothing more than a “he said, she said” situation.

All the uncertainty combined with our own roster situation led to the decision to ultimately leave the competitive scene.

All our players are officially free agents and if they need help finding new homes we will do our best to provide recommendations where they are needed.

Is there a chance we might see the return of the organization, or is Infinity Forde leaving for good?

AWKN: We were excited to have our very first girl start for iF-COPS but it wasn’t meant to be, unfortunately.

For now, will be focusing on picking up content creators within the critical ops community and providing them with the means to grow their channels/streams (details soon).

We do hope for the continued growth of the competitive scene.

We will also be following the competitive scene as fans/spectators while keeping our eyes out for potential future roster acquisitions.

We hope to remain involved in critical ops, but not competitively for now.

Anything you wish to say to all the people that supported your team and organization?

AWKN: We want to sincerely thank everyone and anyone who has supported us and rooted for us in the past. It meant the world to us to see the support.

We know our players loved it as well, our members were what made us special.

Not a logo, not the name, but the people who were part of our family.

So once again, thank you to everyone who has ever rooted for us.

As an organization, our goal from the beginning was to provide our players and members with a family first structure.

It's always sad to see an organization disband a team.

We hope we’ll see Infinity Forge return with a team that will achieve their goals and raise to the top.

Until then.

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