Impreza: Our players are capable of anything when they’re feeling it

July 18, 2018 16:46

Team Impreza was one of the teams that took part in the Critical Ops Winter Season.

Now, they have received a direct invite for the Valiance Summer Season, where they will once again face the finest North American teams.

In order to catch up with them, we have talked with their manager – „Adam

Without further ado, here is the interview!

Hi Adam, could you tell us about Impreza’s current roster and the recent changes in your team?

The lineup we have currently is going to be built around our OG Players „Minty“, „Jeshon“, „Ghosti“, and „Vulcan“.

I decided to step down from competitive play to focus on them and unlock their potential fully because they were lacking a leader.

We have managed to gather players who have been in the Semi-Pro community for a bit by testing them out here and there and picking up the best, who deserve a chance on the bigger stage which is Valiance.  

I took advantage of the disbandment of "THPR" and acquired some players who have managed to take us down in a surprising manner last season.

I do not care about “Spotlight” players anymore.

Instead, I want to focus on building a family where the hard work will pay off through building the chemistry, and then move on from there.

The ego in the Top-Tier competitive level is out of this world and I didn't want the players to be in such environment.

Current Roster is;

- Minty

- Ghosti

- Jeshon

- Vulcan

- RiM

We are tracking some other players for the upcoming Valiance event as we have 2 spots left on our roster.

Impreza is one of the teams that have been directly invited to Valiance Summer Season.

What does this mean for you and your team?

Being able to compete directly in the Group Stages instead of doing the open qualifiers means the expectations are much higher than before.

This is not a big deal for us because if we were not invited, that wouldn't have stopped us from competing in the Qualifiers to earn that spot that we have gotten previously in the Winter Season.

Can you describe your preparations for the summer season?

Our preparation for this season is looking far different than before because we have faced a roster shuffle.

This season the aspect of the game we are working on the most is the internal confidence where they don't "choke" on the big stage.

We are working closely with the supporting staff to make sure the players get on every day to work on their chemistry and communication skills.

That is the most important factor for me and for the team to focus on.

What are your expectations for this season?

Any results can be surprising to me because they are capable of beating any team just with the right people.

I go into this season with the expectation to do better than the last season because of the hacking incident as well as playing with a stable roster.

I want us to compete with a stable roster where they have chemistry with one another to go in any match with confidence to put results on the board.

As you already know, „Gankstars“, „Hammers eSports“, and „D2R“ have also been invited.

Out of those teams, which one is the toughest to beat?

The beauty of this game is that any team can surprise anyone by beating them.

All of them will be hard to beat. It just depends if a player is feeling it that day.

For that reason any team has a chance in this.

Out of the teams that are playing in the Valiance Summer season Qualifiers, who do you think is going to make it to the Group Stage?

I haven't really followed the Qualifiers that much but I'm cheering for "Virus 5", "Team Exile", and "Most Wanted" because they are all great teams.

Do you believe that your team has what it takes to compete and get some wins in the Group Stage?

Just going to put it in short and simple words, Yes.

You mentioned ego as something you dislike about the top tier teams.

Would you say this teams are overconfident, disrespectful or something else?

There should always be mutual respect between teams and not underestimating anyone from my personal opinion.

There is an internet saying now "Talk the talk... Walk the Walk".

You should always talk if you back it up with facts if not then it's useless.

That is why this season, I want these individual players in my team to be filled with confidence to compete on that stage, because I remember the emotions of these guys competing for the first time and now it shouldn't be hard.

Is there anything you wish to share with your fans or the Critical Ops community?

Everyone faces ups and downs in teams.

If you are a leader or own a team that faces that just don't give up on them.

No matter how many times you fall, just get back up because the best would is yet to come.

That's how the competitive atmosphere is going to grow and we should be proud of who we have become.

For Impreza fans, we will try our best to put results on with most OG players of Impreza possible.

We all know by now that competing in the North American Critical Ops scene is a tough task.

It will be interesting to see if they Impreza can upset some of the favorites in the upcoming season.

We wish them the best of luck!

You can follow Impreza at - @ImprezaHQ

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