Impreza making a comeback with the strongest roster yet

May 9, 2018 13:07

If we had to choose one region we wouldn’t like to play competitively on right at this time, it would most definitely be the North American one as what seemed to have been the most exciting region of the Spring Invitational turned into a living nightmare for the North American professional scene.

Namely, after an organization called Spacestation Gaming decided to drop their C-Ops team and with it, the chance to make history with some of the strongest players in the world due to Evolve getting a lifetime ban after being caught cheating,

Obzerps, Kam, Spectre, Akjon, Toast, and Alpha remained teamless.

There is no doubt the players faced a huge disappointment as did their fans who were hoping SSG will serve as a reprise of the unforgettable Team Phoenix Reign era.

Still, the show must go on and so it did - while Alpha decided to go back to his old roots and give Gankstars another try, others found their place in Impreza and with good reason - the new roster might just be the strongest one yet.

To get a clearer picture of what exactly the NA scene should brace for, we talked to the team’s manager - Scumpy.

Judging by the latest players joining the team in the past month, we’re most definitely looking on a new and improved Impreza.

Can you please introduce your team’s current roster and their roles.

Scumpy - We currently have;

Akjon (Rifler)

Koado (In-Game Leader)

Toast (Secondary IGL and Rifler)

Spectre (Rifler)

Lala (Sniper)

Ghostly (Rifler)

AgentAce (Rifler)

Vulcan (Entry Fragger)

Karma (Rifler)

I know it’s a pretty big roster with nine players consisted in the roster, but we need 2 reserves for team practices and to switch it back and forth for substitute position if another person can’t make it to tournaments.

Last time we had a chance to see Impreza in action was in the Winter Season Premier League. However, Impreza finished last on the standings having dealt with a certain hacking incident themselves.

Having mentioned that, how do you feel about the current situation in the NA scene?

Scumpy - There is no doubt the hacking incidents led to a massive demotivation within the team.

It made Jeshon and Evo leave the competitive scene for other games.

Still, with a lot of help from Vulcan keeping everything together while I was still playing competitively, we’ve managed to pull the team out of the mess and turn it into an even better one.

The current NA scene is a mess taken the recent events with players being “exposed” for testing hacks.

What I want to address is - if we want to move forward, everyone has to take the initiative in helping the community fight against these hackers.

Instead of bashing the developers for their actions, people should start asking the question if they think it’s moral to protect a hacker within their own team or not as it’s not only affecting them but the entire C-OPS community.

On the other hand, I feel like this particular thing kinda brought the community closer to each other,  made them learn from their (or someone else’s) mistakes and turned a bad situation into one we can all learn something from.

What is the team’s current situation and are you preparing for the upcoming tournaments?

Scumpy - I currently feel that the team itself is in a good position with the implementation of some of the former SSG players and Lala’s return but the players will need time to adjust to all of the playing styles and communication.

We’re currently scrimming a lot, trying to find the much-needed synergy and correcting our mistakes as we go.

Playing against top tier teams really is the best way to find your “rhythm” and to gain consistency.

While we prepare, we’re eagerly waiting for the next Valiance season or tournament and when that moment comes, we’ll be ready.

Which team do you consider to be your biggest threat at the moment?

Scumpy - It’s always difficult to answer that question as there are a lot of teams that can easily pose a threat to us or any of the teams depending on who’s “day” it is on the day of the match.

From our experience, we can sometimes easily win our hardest streams but lose easy ones just as easily because someone from the team just wasn’t feeling it that day.

Still, Gankstars is always going to be the number one team that everyone should consider a threat taken the experience their players have and having one of the most stable rosters within the community.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Scumpy - I love you guys and you are the ones who make it fun to keep on going with the team.

We appreciate the support and we have really big news coming soon for you guys that will change the team and the community to make it a better esport.

Despite the constant flow of negativity being brought by new ban waves, there is no doubt a bright future awaits the new Impreza as we’re more than excited to see some of these players face top tier teams in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, don’t forget to tune in for the Spring Invitational Americas Semi-Finals.

Who will be going to the Grand Finals?

Write your predictions in the comment section down below!

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