IFL’s Fish talks about cheating, Gankstars and more

May 5, 2018 13:24

IFL made it to the Grand Finals of the Critical Ops Winter Season, but got dismantled there by Gankstars (0-3 loss).

In the upcoming weekend, they will face Gankstars again, but this time in the semifinals of the Spring Invitational.

To catch up with them, we decided to talk with their in-game leader – Fish.

In the interview, we talk about their quarterfinals against SpacestationGG, Evolve getting banned and the issues they had last time when they faced Gankstars.

Enjoy the interview!

You played again SpacestationGG in your first game of the Spring Invitational. Your team lost, but then SpacestationGG got disqualified, because one of their players (Evolve) cheated.

Did you feel like he was cheating during the match?

IFL Fish - During the first match against SpacestationGG I didn’t play but watching the match and seeing him hit most of his shots, some that didn’t make any sense, made me think something felt off about his play style, but we thought that he got better.

Then coming on to find out he was banned for having hacks, we weren’t sure what to think.

After the match, SpacestationGG decided to disband their C-Ops team.

Do you think such instances can stop future top-tier orgs from entering the Critical Ops scene?

IFL Fish - Knowing how big SpacestationGG is and having a big org leave the scene due to something like this doesn’t help anyone.

The game needs to be fixed before big organizations come back to the scene.

Since then, there has been a lot of talk about cheating in general.  

What is your opinion about the situation and how difficult do you think it is to find out if someone is cheating?

IFL Fish - I would say it’s hard to tell if people are hacking now with every update it being something new.

Also with all the people making hacks, it gets hard to track them down and tell if they’re hacking.

In the semifinals, you are going to face Gankstars. They managed to beat you pretty hard last time in the Critical Ops Winter Season Grand Finals.

How do you plan to approach this matchup and is there a particular aspect of your team's gameplay that you have been working on for the past month?

IFL Fish - Knowing that we play GS in the next round we’ve been practicing and working hard to improve our game.

During out last encounter with Gankstars,  we had trouble with our devices which just made it hard for us to play and get through things as a team.

We also had issues when executing our strategies and we simply fell apart, so we’ve been practicing that.

South and North American brackets have been merged once again for our Spring Invitational. Do you prefer this format over the one that was implemented in the previous season?

IFL Fish - All of these different styles of tournaments are pretty cool, keeping the competition fresh, loads of new teams get a chance to compete, having only pro teams helps those who aren’t at that level yet learn from those teams.

Also, it gives teams a chance to play other region teams and test their skills in a tournament.

Would you say any of the South American teams have a chance against your team or Gankstars in the finals?

IFL Fish - I would say both Insanity killers or Battalion (NiA) have a fair chance versus either team.

Anything you wish to say to your fans, or to the Critical Ops community as a whole?

IFL Fish - I would like to thank all of the fans that have stuck by us through thick and thin, you guys are the reason why we keep trying to improve and keep going.

Thank you all so much.

We're looking forward to see what IFL will show in their rematch against Gankstars.

The only thing left for us is to wish them the best of luck in the semifinals.

You can follow IFL at - twitter.com/IFLDistrict

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