Heaven: SpaceX has the most stacked Asian roster up to date

October 22, 2018 11:37

Just last week, we’ve revealed the full list of invitees for the ‘EURASIA’ part of the bracket.

The new and upcoming team “Unicorns“ definitely has a huge potential to leave the mark in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

In order to find out more about their roster and the objectives for the season, we made an interview with the leader of the team - Heaven


What players are currently in your lineup and what roles do they have in the team?

Our lineup consist of :

Heaven (Sniper/Lurker)

Obliviscor (Support)

Impulse ( Entry fragger)

STEORRA ( Support)

Ankh ( Support)

Elfee ( Entry fragger)

_AversioN ( Entry fragger)

You are one of the invited teams to Autumn Invitational.

Do you think you deserved the invite and how much does this mean to you and your team?

I think we deserved the invite as we are one of the top teams in Asia currently.

It means a lot to get invited to Critical Ops Autumn Invitational as we will be able to show what we can do in the biggest tournament in Critical Ops currently.

Since it's a split bracket, first you will meet the finest Asian teams.

Who would you say is going to be your toughest competition and why?

I think “SpaceX” will be the toughest to play against as their lineup is one of the most stacked Asian roster up to date.

They are beatable but it will be difficult.

Kings Demise disbanded right after winning the Summer Season.

Is this going to make it way easier for the other teams in the region?

I don't think so.

After Kings Demise disbanded, all the players moved to SpaceX and CsPG.

So currently, both of them are stronger and it's not going to be easy to beat them.

European teams are also in the bracket.

Do you think they're way stronger than the Asian teams?

No, I think Europe and Asia are equally strong.

CsPG had managed to defeat Team Elevate in Critical Ops Spring Invitational.

I think this season would not be any different and Asia can put up a good fight vs EU.

Your lineup features some of the more experienced players like yourself and "Obliviscor"

Do you think it's important to have an experienced lineup in an event such as this?

Yes of course.

Experienced players are always a benefit.

However, the other players in the team are able to perform at the level of the other top Asia teams.

"Luna" for example, would be a player to watch out for.

She has improved a lot ever since she got a new iPad.

At the moment, how would you rate the Asian scene?

It is less competitive compared to the last Critical Ops season as many teams have disbanded and less skilled teams have been formed.

However, that means it will be harder to win as each team is on a similar level now.

What result would you be satisfied with at the end of the Autumn Invitational?

We are aiming to win the Asian part of ‘EURASIA’ part of the bracket and possibly win the whole tournament.

Something you'd like to share with your fans?

Join Unicorn's discord - @UniDiscord

Support Unicorns in valiance! #uNiRise

It wouldn’t be the first time to see a new team come and perform beyond the expectations.

We hope to see them perform well in the Autumn Invitational.

A big thanks for Heaven for doing the interview.

You can follow Unicorns at - @_UnicornsGG

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