Hammers eSports aiming for the first place at C-OPS LAN

June 22, 2018 17:56

Hammers eSports (previously known as IFL) is a team that unlike many others doesn't change its lineup and roster often.

They believe that improvement over time and consistency is the way the go.

However, at the LAN event, they won't be able to field their usual starting five, as two of the players can’t attend the event.

Here is the lineup that’s going to represent them:

Fish - IGL/sniper

Kraken - support

Blueice - support

High - entry fragger

God - entry fragger

In the interview, we talked with their team leader (Fish) about the LAN tournament, their expectations and their strengths and weaknesses among other things.


During the Critical Ops Winter Season, you lost 3-0 in the Grand Finals against Gankstars.

It was a blowout.

In the Critical Ops Spring Invitational semifinals vs Gankstars, you've managed to play a lot better and get the lead However, you’ve lost the following two maps and with them the match.

What lead to your downfall in that matchup?

In both tournaments, our mindset fell through and let us down when we lost a map and couldn’t manage to bring our heads up for the next match.

Looking at your team right now, what would you say are you strengths and weaknesses?

I would say our strongest assets are our pushes onto the bomb spots, while our weakness is the usage of the grenades.

You haven't changed your roster for quite some time now.

Would you say building the team slowly is the right way to do it, even with some defeats along the way?

I believe in learning from our mistakes and try hard not to repeat them, even if we lose badly.

I would rather have the team stick together and see things through and build a tighter bond.

What does it mean to you and your team to be one of the six invited teams?

We are honored to be one of the six selected teams to be a part of the first LAN event, It’s a dream come true for all of us.

Does anyone on your team have any experience playing in the offline environment or this is the first time for all of you?

"Kraken" and "God" both went to the first invitational event last year, but sadly that was canceled due to certain incidents.

For the rest of the team, it’s their first time.

A lot of great teams will be participating in the LAN event.

Who do you consider as the toughest opponent and why?

"Nova eSports" seems to be the toughest team, being that they are bringing in two strong stand-in players.

What place would satisfy you and are you feeling any pressure as the event approaches?

We are aiming for the first place, nothing less than that.

We don't feel any pressure and we're very confident in each other.

Do you expect the North American teams to place 1st and 2nd at the event?

Yes, hopefully North America can claim the first LAN event.

Anything you wish to say to your fans, other teams at the event or haters?

I would like to thank everyone that supports us.

You guys keep us focused and motivated to keep moving forward and always pick us up when we feel down.

And for those who hate us thank you guys as well for feeding us with more motivation to improve.

It will be interesting to see how Hammers’ substitute players will perform at the event and how the team will function in general.

We wish them the best of luck and hope they will achieve their goals.

The event is scheduled for tomorrow.

Are you excited yet?

We sure are!

It will be the most intense C-Ops tournament until now!

You can follow Hammers eSports at - twitter.com/HammersEsports

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