Hammers eSports acquire IFL

May 12, 2018 15:56

A few days ago, Hammers eSports made a huge move by signing up the well known North American Team – IFL.

To understand why they decided to make such a move, we talked with one of the key people from the organization – JonnyFX.

In the interview, we talk about benefits that the players are going to receive from the organization and their upcoming Semi-Final match against Gankstars among other things.


We can see yet another top tier organization entering Critical Ops – Hammers eSports. What was the main reason why you decide to acquire team IFL?

JonnyFX - C-Ops is a great game with an extremely dedicated community, and being a part of communities like that is just a ton of fun.

IFL has an insane potential.

They have already proven themselves as a top-tier contender if not the best!

With our influence and guidance, we feel we could take over this scene.

This is your third mobile gaming team after Vainglory and Clash Royale. How important is the mobile gaming scene for you and organization?

JonnyFX -  Hammers Esports is a mobile-first esports organization.

Mobile esports will have a huge foothold in the future for esports and we plan to be at the forefront of that!

Are the players going to receive salaries?

JonnyFX -  The players do receive a salary of course.

We have also provided better equipment to the players that needed it.

Now every single one of our players will be able to play without lower FPS holding them back.

IFL has been playing together for quite some time now and it has been reaching top placings, however, not a single number one finish so far.

What do you think has to change in order for the team to be able to achieve this?

JonnyFX -  The mind is a powerful thing.

Being in the right mindset during a match can, and will make the biggest difference in the world.

Working on having clean and efficient comms is essential to team play.

The guys can mechanically compete with the top teams, now its time to focus on our minds, and communication to give us an edge.

In the Semi-Finals, you will face Gankstars in a BO3.

How important is it for the organization to be the one advancing into „AMERICAS“ Grand Finals?

JonnyFX -  It would be great to beat Gankstars of course.

But we are looking for long-term success in C-Ops.

We haven't had a ton of time with the boys yet, and we really plan to make our impact come the next season.

But even with the short time we have worked together, I 100% believe we can still take the match!

Have you set any goals or benchmarks that the team has to fulfill in the upcoming period?

JonnyFX -  The goal is just to make progress.

Each day of scrims is more progressive for the team than before, and that is the goal. Never be okay with where we are sitting and always be thinking ahead.

Even if we take #1 in the Americas, we still have to focus on how to have a better communication and a better mindset at all times.

Anything you'd like to say to Hammer eSports fans or to the Critical Ops community?

JonnyFX -  To any fans or people looking for a good org/team to back, be ready!

We are going to have some great consistent content from the team, and amazing results!

We'd like to thank JonnyFX for the interview and we wish him and his organization best of luck in future endeavors.

You can follow Hammers eSports at - twitter.com/HammersEsports

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