GS' Solar and D2R's J7 get banned for cheating

May 10, 2018 00:24

Not so long ago, we've announced that one of the players from SpacestationGG (Evolve) has been banned for using cheats.

Since then, there have been several accusations toward some of the players in other top teams, with few admitting to actually testing the cheats, but not using them in the official matches.

We take those kinds of accusations seriously and we have conducted an investigation together with Critical Force of the players taking part in the Critical Ops Spring Invitational.

After careful examination of several players, in cooperation with Critical Force developers, we have found new evidence of players cheating.

Both Gankstars' „Solar“ and „D2R's „J7“ have been found guilty of using cheats during February by Critical Force Anti-Cheat, however, we were unable to find any evidence of those players cheating in Critical Ops Spring Invitational or Critical Ops Winter Season.

As a result, both of them have been banned from Critical Ops and have also earned a lifetime ban from taking part in any of the upcoming Valiance events.

Since both of the teams that faced off in the Quarterfinals of „Americas“ bracket, Gankstars and D2R, used a player that has been cheating in the past, we believe there is no need to disqualify any of those teams, as that would just hurt the competition in the region even more.

This means that Gankstars will advance into the regional Semi-Finals to play against Hammers eSports (ex- IFL) since they were the one that triumphed over team D2R (2-1 overall victory in series).

It is disappointing to see that the teams the community should look up ended up using or testing cheats, even if it was just for the investigation purposes.

With the recent announcement of the first Critical Ops LAN, there is a lot on the line to play for and playing legit is the only right way.

There is no shortcut to success and all of the players should have learned by now that cheating will only get you and your team in trouble.

You might get away with it for some time, but ultimately, your career will abruptly finish once you are caught with it.

In the end, you have to ask yourself – Is it worth it?

We believe you know the answer.

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