Grand Finals and EU Masters Here We Come

March 17, 2022 13:41

With EBL playoffs coming to an end, only one match is left to play - The Grand Finals. We have already secured the EU Masters slot, will we also be able to win the EBL champions title?


Since the tenth season of the EBL was announced, Crvena Zvezda was established as the favorite for the title. And while Crvena Zvezda had a perfect start with six victories in a row, our story was not that great in the beginning - Two lost matches in a row made it clear that changes in our roster need to be done. After Ivan “Paladin” Delač stepped up as ADC, the comeback began. As winners of the group stage with the 11-3 score, we became the first team this season to secure a place in the EU Masters.


In the match for a place in the Grand Final, we started well with Kristian “Indecision” Tsonev dominating the jungle and Ilia “LMZS” Rajgev obliterating enemy champions with Ahri. Unfortunately, Crvena Zvezda kept their focus and won the match with the 3-1 score. This sent us to the lower bracket, with Auxesis Esports awaiting. Lower bracket finals went extremely well. Focus was back, ADC game strong, and we were more than ready to win. 3-0 victory was secured fast.



Back to the beginning - Crvena Zvezda vs VPG. We have shown the playing qualities to overcome a slightly favored opponent, but it seems that if anything goes wrong, Zvezda is the one who takes the lead because they know how to press the opponent.

Grand Finals will be played on Saturday, 19th of February. VPG or Crvena Zvezda, who will be the next EBL champion? 



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