God says SpacestationGG will overthrow Gankstars

April 12, 2018 14:33

Do you know the feeling when an exciting movie or game is announced and you have really high expectations and don’t want to wait until its release?

That’s exactly what we and most of the Critical Ops community felt when team SpacestationGG was created.

The event sent shockwaves through the C-Ops scene and for a good reason.

With the likes of „Kam“, „Alpha“, and „Obzerps“, nobody can deny that this team has potential to win the upcoming Championship.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the hype is real.

To find out more about the team we decided to have a chat with their team manager – God himself.

In the interview, we talk about SpacestationGG as a top tier organization, what is their opinion of their competition and more.


Your organisation acquired a really strong group of players for the upcoming events. Can you walk us through the lineup and tell us the roles and tasks of your team members?

SSG GOD - Kam and Akjon are the team captains and will be leading the team helping the synergy amongst the rest of the players.

Kam is a sniper and Akjon is a support player.

Evolve and Alpha the other dominate duo work together, alpha being an entry fragger and evolve being another sniper along side Kam.

Obzerps the lone wolf, the lurker.

Toast and Spectre being together in a team since NoVa eSports, created a bond where they can be support players while dropping insane kills count and holding the rest of the team together.

How is the Spacestation Gaming organisation going to support the team?

SSG GOD - SSG is helping tremendously providing us top-notch gear and salaries as well for the entire team including managers and subs.

Kam is back, but he hasn't been playing competitively for quite some time.  Do you believe he is still going to be the driving force of this team?

SSG GOD - Kam is without a doubt still the best player in the game.

He has his skill and still kept it even through the months of his ban.

He has held up great against Gankstars, D2R, and IFL in scrims.

The only thing left now is to see how he does in a tournament against the mentioned teams.

Alpha has swapped a fair amount of teams recently. Are you worried about this or do you think he’s going to stay with SSG for a long time?

SSG GOD - Regarding Alpha and his team swapping, no we are not worried that he will leave any time soon.

He is friends with everyone on the team and has known them for more than 2+ years.

He has a bond with the following players and even now enjoys playing with his teammates along with playing under this organization.

Gankstars have been the top team in the region for a while now. Do you think this team has the ingredients and potential to overthrow them and become number one in the NA region?

SSG GOD - This team can and will overthrow Gankstars.

It’s always good to keep your confidence high, it’s too early to tell since the team has just recently gone public. As long as we keep our heads high after every game and tournament and not allow them to get in our heads, we will in time, dominate the NA region.

Beside Gankstars, which team do you see as the toughest opponent in the region and why?

SSG GOD - Gankstars is definitely our biggest rival, but D2R has great players as well. Kam’s, Alpha’s and Evolve’s ex TPHX teammates Milio and J7 are leading the team, but we are sure they are going to be scratching their heads after the first few tournaments, after they face the two best players in North America (Kam and Obzerps) and the team around them.

We will surely overcome the D2R obstacle.

As for IFL, they are a good team,  newer pros, but so far we haven’t seen much of a challenge from them.

Have you set any milestones that the team should achieve in the near future?

SSG GOD - We have several milestones for the team;

1) Win the next LAN and take the crown to be known as the number 1 team in the world of Critical Ops.

2) Keep this team the way it is and only see improvements.

3) Hoping to see other organizations join the scene and create other top rosters and to help grow mobile gaming in all.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

SSG GOD - We appreciate the insane support we’ve received.

I'm especially proud to be the team manager for such a good team and organization along with being able to witness history being made.

It's lovely to see the confidence this team posses.

They definitely talk the talk, but are they going to walk to walk?

Only time will tell.

We wish them best of luck!

Let us know in the comments what you think about them.

You can follow SpacestationGG at - @SpacestationGG

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