Girl power with NefthyS from Gemstones!

December 31, 2017 14:52

It all started with an idea to do something special for girls in the Critical Ops Community.

Something to encourage them into Competitive play. That idea led to the creation of a “only-girls-allowed”  tournament.

This is the story of "Girls League", a tournament recently organized by "Joker" from Gankstars, and "Mia", the Community Manager of Gankstars.

Today, we bring you an exclusive yet casual interview with "NefthyS", Captain of team Gemstones, the team that grabbed the first place in the Girls League. Enjoy!

Hello there, Nefthy, being a girl player, what made you create a team goes against all stereotypes?

I never care about stereotypes, a bit of self reliance is enough for that.

What fueled you to step up your game and enter the Competitive scene?

I was wondering how being a champion feels like and a bit self reliance helped me again, I created a team and invited the best girls that I knew. Then we did our best to become champions, and did it; now I know it feels really good.

Can you walk us through your roster?

Yes, of course. Sıla aka "Marceline" is our cute entry fragger, she always gets in the side first and gets a lot of assists.

Ayşe aka "Savior" is our lil savioress for real. She remunerates her nickname.

Natasha aka "nashi" is our sapid tactician.

Aya aka "Sugar Cube" is our joy, she can't stop laughing when we are playing.

Kübra aka "Nymeria" is unluckily our FPS victim, but she can still play with 30 fps.

Dilara aka "Saykolist", she wanted to play in league matches but circumstances did not allow that.

And me, "Neft", I generally don't tryhard. I'm supposed to tell everyone what to do and die at the same time.

Are there any other teams/clans you play for beside Gemstones?

Yes, I'm the captain for "HodriMeydan" as well.

Will we get to see Gemstones in action playing Valiance or other Tournaments?

Unfortunately, we are having a few problems at the moment, so I think we can't play them right now. But after a while, I hope you all can see that Gemstones will get placed in tourneys.

Anything you’d like to say to your and our fans ?

I want to repeat a usual but effective motto: "Never give up". You can do everything if you want to and if you are decisive enough.

And many thanks to everyone who supported and cheered Gemstones up, we love you all!

You can be a part of our community if you want:

We’re glad that there are girl teams like Gemstones out there and we do wish them the best of luck in the future.

Let’s hope to see even more girl teams rise up with the help of the Girls League.

It would definitely spice things ups and make C-Ops matches even more interesting!

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