Gankstars triumph over D2R after an insane comeback

April 27, 2018 15:45

The results of the first week of the North American Quarterfinals were hard to predict, as there were four formidable and skilled teams competing for the two spots in the semis.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the match between D2R and Gankstars, as it was a thrilling and eventful fight until the very end.

Here is what we've seen in this matchup.

Gankstars vs D2R

Map: Grounded

D2R started the match as Terrorists and they managed to plant the bomb on the A site with no losses on either side.

Both „Joker“ and „cSolar“ got the double kill in the retake, which allowed Gankstars to clinch the pistol round.

In the following round, D2R decided to force-buy, which worked well,  as D2R's „Yonsigs7“ was able to win a 1v2 on the B site versus „MVP“ and „Kingeh“ .

After losing the following eco round, Gankstars were able to recover and even the score.

GS' „Night’s” ambush on B long with the shotgun allowed him to get a double kill and was a key play of the round.

In the 5th round of the match, GS' „Joker“ was able to get the double entry frag, taking out „siuL“ and „Breezy“.

However, „Yonsigs7“ and “Tylerr” quickly returned the favor“, winning the A site after the plant later in the round.

D2R also won the following two rounds, as Gankstars’ players („Night“ and „Kingeh“) were unable to win two 1v2 situations on the A site and B site.

The 10th round showed D2R’s dominance in the entry frag department, as Gankstars were unable to get a single kill in the gun round.

D2R's dominance continued until the end of the half, as Gankstars were unable to get a footing after they acquired the first two rounds, entering the second half with a 8 rounds deficit!

After the side swap, Gankstars' attempt of getting the B site didn't work, as they got shot down by the USPs.

GS' „pVM“ almost planted the bomb on the A site, however, he got stopped by „Milio“ in the nick of time, further hindering their chances to win the first game.

Gankstars were forced to buy up in the following round, and even though „Night“ was able to kill „Breezy“ at the start of the round, D2R was able to win it, as „Gankstars ran out of time, not managing to get the bomb plant on the B site.

In the last round of the match, D2R once again stood strong.

They lost only one player, before winning the match with a 13:2 scoreline.

Most of the D2R players were firing on all cylinders and simply outplayed Gankstars.

The entry frags they got were pivotal for D2R’s success in this one.

Map: Plaza

This time Gankstars started on the Terrorist side of the map and the first round of the match was already close.

Gankstars came out on top in the end, as „cSolar“ and „Kingeh“ clutched the 2v2 versus „Milio“ and „siuL“ on the B site after plant.

Gankstars won the following eco round, however, they lost the 3rd round of the match, as „Joker“ was not able to win a 1v2 against „Milio“ and „Yonsigs7“.

In the 4th round of the match, D2R was able to get the frags relatively early in the round and tied the score.

The following round featured an A site push by Gankstars through the smoke.

At first it seemed they have a shot, but then „Tylerr“ made a quad kill that stopped GS’ advance and got D2R the lead.

Next round was a close one, with GS' „Night“ ending up in a 1v2 situation against „siuL“ and „Tylerr“.

He did manage to frag „siuL“, but unfortunately for Gankstars, he was a single second too late to plant the bomb, which further extended the D2R's lead.

Gankstars decided to push the A site again in the 7th round of the match, but D2R's defense stood tall, deflecting their push in convincing fashion.

In the following round Gankstars were able to rush the B bombsite, with „Night“ and „Kingeh“ getting important entry kills, allowing their team to get back on the scoreboard.

In the next two rounds, Gankstars were getting picked off one by one, resulting in D2R winning rabbing two points.

In the 11th round of the match, D2R threw away a considerable advantage, as „Joker“ was able to get the quad kill, winning the round for his team.

Gankstars also managed to win the last round of the half, entering the second half with a two round deficit.

Once the sides swapped, D2R opted to push the B bomb spot, which ended up in a 1v2 situation that Gankstars were able to clinch, as „Breezy“ was unable to win it versus „Joker“ and „Kingeh“.  

In the next two rounds, Gankstars were able to step up their game and take the lead, losing only one player in each of those rounds.

This also allowed Gankstars to get the 16th round of the match, as D2R was forced into an eco round again.

D2R continued losing rounds, as they were denied a point by „Night“ who made an insane play by winning a 1v2 versus „Breezy“ and „Milio“.

D2R was finally able to win in the 18th round of the match, thanks to „Breezy“ and „Tylerr“ that were able to open up the B bomb spot and get the bomb down.

It didn't take long for Gankstars to continue their insane CT half, as „Joker“ once again got multiple kills to crush D2R's advance.

The next round of the match was the most important one and it ended up being a 1v1 between „Milio“ and „Joker“ on the B bomb spot.

Gankstars' player played it smart, managing to outflank „Milio“ on the B bomb spot, bringing his team to the match point.

In the last round of the match, D2R attempt of getting the B bomb spot was deflected once again, finishing the match. Gankstars won it 13:8.

Gankstars' „Joker“ and „Night“ had many crucial plays on both sides of the map, which allowed their team to even up the score.

Map: Bureau

Both teams went back and forth in this match.

At the start Gankstars acquired the 4:0 lead, then D2R managed a comeback and eventually evened the score.

The first half ended 6:6, making it anyone's game.

In the second half, D2R initially took the lead, with Gankstars playing the catch-up game.

They were able to tie the score, and take the two round lead in the following rounds

Eventually, Gankstars pulled further ahead, reaching the match point.

In the 24th round of the match (12:11 for Gankstars), „Night“ made a historical 1v3 play, where he got „Yonigs7“, „siuL“ and „Milio“ to finish off the match, and got Gankstars into the Semi-Finals.

This play made him the MVP of the match.

IFL versus SpacestationGG isn't covered in this recap since SSG's player (Evolve) got banned for cheating.

Hope you enjoyed this recap of the North American matches.

We will be back on 6th of may with the regional Semi-Finals.

As usual, make sure to tune in to youtube/valiancegg once we go live. ;)

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