Gankstars pull off a comeback once again!

May 17, 2018 13:37

The North American part of "AMERICAS" semifinals didn’t dissapoint.

We saw a very close match between the two top teams in the region – Gankstars and Hammers eSports.

Hammers started strong, Gankstars returned the favor and then it all came down to the last map.

Just as we like it!

Here’s how it all went down.

Map: Canals

Gankstars started on the Terrorist side and they decided to push the A site in the pistol round.

This worked great for them, as Hammers eSports stacked the B bomb spot and were unable to retake the A site due to solid defense by Gankstars' „Joker“ and „Night“.

This also allowed Gankstars to get the following two eco rounds.

Hammers eSports only offered some resistance in the first eco round when „Spaced“ was left in a 1v2 situation, which he couldn't clutch.

The first gun round of the match turned out to be a 1v2 duel on the A site, where HE's „Fish_Bits“ won the round by killing both „xSmgg“ and „Kingeh“, securing the first point for his team.

In the 5th round, Gankstars attempted to split on the A bomb spot, but were unable to pull it off, as HE's „Vitaly“ and „Spaced“ put an end to their push.

The round after that, HE's „High-C“ stopped Gankstars's B long push by himself, by getting a quad kill and tying the score.

Hammers eSports claimed the lead for the first time in the next round thanks to „Spaced“.

He single-handedly stopped the A site rush by getting a quad entry kill.

In the 8th round, Gankstars lost some of the players very early, putting themselves in a 5v3 situation.

They managed to bring the round to a 1v1, where „King“ killed „High-C“, securing the round for their team.

Hammers eSports stepped it up in the next two rounds.

First, they won the unfavorable 2v3 situation on the B bomb spot and then they stopped Gankstars's force-buy attempt fairly easily.

Both teams won another round before the end of the half, so Hammers eSports entered the second part of the game with a two round lead.

Once the sides swapped, GS' „Joker“, „King“ and „Night“ got the entry kills with the pistols in the middle of the map, completely nullifying HE's push.

Gankstars tried playing aggressively in the next round, but it didn’t work. Hammers eSports won the eco round in the end, thanks to „Fish-Bits“ killing „xSmgg“ in a 1v1 on the A site.

This forced Gankstars into an eco round, which Hammers eSports had no issue winning.

The first gun round of the second half was played very slowly, and it got turned into a 2v2 afterplant on the A bomb spot.

Luckily for Hammers eSports, „Fish-Bits“ was once again able to prevail and kill „Kingeh“ who was the last remaining player of his team.

In the next round, Gankstars finally got their first point in the second half. „Joker“ and „Kingeh“ got the entry frags, allowing their team to clinch the round later on.

Hammer eSports decided to push the B bomb spot twice in the next two rounds, and Gankstars didn’t manage to successfully defend it.

This brough Hammers eSports to the match point.

Gankstars held on for the next three rounds, winning the clutch situations.

However, Hammers eSports managed to grab their last point thanks to great play by „Spaced“ and „High-C“, who got several kills in the round.

The final score was 13:10 for Hammers eSports.

HE's „Spaced“ was a key player for his team in this one, as he got almost 30 frags in the matchup.

Definitely a performance to remember.

Map: Legacy

This time Hammers eSports began the match on the Terrorist side.

In the pistol round, HE opted to rush the B bomb spot and initially they were able to take it and plant the bomb.

However, a wonderfully coordinated retake allowed Gankstars to claim the round, with „Joker“ killing „Fish-Bits“ in the 1v1 situation to seal the deal.

Gankstars got the following eco round and the first gun round as well.

HE's „Vitaly“ and „High-C“ couldn't kill „Joker“ and „King“ in 2v2 afterplant on the A site.

This forced Hammers eSports into another eco round, which Gankstars won without much problems and lost only a single player in the process.

In the 5th round of the match, Hammers eSports decided to play a slow round.

They had a 4v3 advantage with 15 seconds left on the clock, however, a great stall by Gankstars on the A site denied the bomb plant.

This earned them the round and further extended their lead.

Hammers eSports finally got on the scoreboard in the next round, thanks to the entry frags by „Fish-Bits“, „Spaced“ and „oShadow“.

It didn't take long for Gankstars to reestablish their dominance. They won the next two rounds, losing only 2 players in each one.

In the 9th round of the match, Hammers eSports were yet again forced into an eco round and they decided to rush the A site straight away.

Gankstars were ready for it and „Joker“ and „xSmgg“ shut down Hammers attempt, but not before they planted the bomb.

HE's „Fish-Bits“ got a double opening kill in the next round with his U-ratio in the middle portion of the map, allowing his team to get another round under their belt.

The 11th round featured a quick push through the middle and to the A site.

This left Gankstars in a 1v3 situation. Unfortunately for them, „King“ couldn't win it for his team.

Gankstars won the last round of the half and entered the second part of the game with a 4 round lead.

After the side swap, Gankstars opted to push hard to the A site. „xSmgg and „Kingeh“ got their entry kills and eliminated „Spaced“ and „High-C“.

Hammers eSports returned the favor, but lost the round as GS's „Night“ finished off „Vitaly“ for another point.

Once again, Gankstars had no issues securing the following eco round, losing just a single player in this one.

Hammers eSports won the first gun round of the second half, thanks to a clutch play by „Vitaly“ on the A bomb spot, where he fragged GS's „Joker“ in the last seconds of the round.

In the 17th round, HE's „Vitaly“ was put in a clutch situation again, but this time it was a 1v2 versus „Kingeh and „xSmgg“ on the B bomb spot.

He was able to kill „Kingeh“, however, „xSmgg“ played it very smart and didn’t allow „Vitaly“ to defuse the bomb.

This brought Gankstars to the match point round.

In the last round of the match, Hammers eSports had to make a force buy, which didn't work for them as „oShadow“ couldn't kill both „Joker“ and „Kingeh“ to secure the round and extend the match.

Gankstars won 13:5.

Joker“ had some crucial plays in this match, having 14 more kills than the second player on his team.

Map: Bureau

This match was very intense until the very end.

Hammers eSports did have a 11:8 lead on the Terrorist side, however, Gankstars stepped up big time in the final round and showcased amazing defense.

This allowed them to grab 5 rounds in a row and win the match 13:11.

That's it for the "AMERICAS" semifinals!

Gankstars pulled it off once again and will face Insanity Killers in the „Americas“ Grand Finals at 20th of May/18:00 EDT.

Make sure you don’t miss the match and let us know who you are rooting for!

The finals will be live on

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