Gankstars dominate in the Americas Grand Finals

May 24, 2018 15:05

We just saw the "AMERICAS" Grand Finals.

Gankstars vs Insanity Killers.

South America against North America.

Underdogs vs C-Ops Superstars.

We hoped for a thriller, but in the end we got a rather one sided match.

That’s not too surprising as we all know what Gankstars are capable of.

Once again they proved all the doubters wrong and managed to secure the crown.

However, there were still some exciting moments in the finals.

Check out how it all went down.

Gankstars vs Insanity Killers


Insanity Killers started the match strong on the Terrorist side, splitting on the B bomb spot and getting an easy plant since Gankstars opted to stack the A bomb site.

GS's „Kingeh“ and „Night“ got the entry frags for their team, however, an insane play by „Alef“ and „SehikDxress“ turned the round into the favor of Insanity Killers, allowing them to win the pistol round.

In the following eco round, Gankstars decided to gamble once more and stay on the A-bomb spot.

It worked out as Insanity Killers instantly rushed the bomb spot and Gankstars were ready for them.

GS's „Night“ got an impressive quad kill in this round.

Insanity Killers redeemed themselves in the third round  with a perfectly timed rotation from the B bomb spot to A.

The round ended up in a 1v1 situation where we've seen IK's „Alef“ defeating GS's „Night“.

GS' s „Kingeh“ was left alone in a 1v4 the round after that.

He did manage to kill „C0sm0s“, „Alef“ and „SheikDxress“, but „BrGomes“ saved his team from embarrassment and didn’t allow „Kingeh“ to win the round.

Insanity Killers opted to rush the A bomb spot once again in the 5th round.

It didn't work out for them as GS's „Night“, „King“ and „Joker“  got the entry kills.

IK's „C0sm0s“ insane frags with U-ratio did bring the round to a 1vs1 situation later on, but it wasn't enough for Insanity killers, as „Night“ got „GOLL1NS“ first.

Gankstars showed some great defense in the next two rounds and got the lead for the first time in the match.

GS's „Joker" opted to push aggressively down the middle in the 8th round.

It worked great as he was able to get the entry frag and the needed info for his team.

After that, Insanity Killers decided to go for a B push, but Gankstars were ready for it.

Joker“ ended the round with 3 more kills under his belt.

In the next three rounds, Insanity Killers were unable to find the solution to Gankstars's aggressive playstyle.

For the most part they were able to kill just a single player per round.

Insanity Killers did win the last round of the half with a push toward the A bomb spot. Great positioning by „Alef“ and „GOLL1NS“ after the plant bought them enough time for the team to stop „Kingeh“ from reaching the site and defusing the bomb.

Gankstars entered the second half with a four round lead.

Once the sides swapped, GS's „Joker“ won an important revolver duel against „BrGomes“ on B long, allowing his team to swarm the site.

Insanity Killers were unable to stop them. Gankstars didn't lose a single player in the process.

Insanity Killers couldn't replicate the success Gankstars had in the eco rounds, losing the following round.

In the first gun round of the second half, IK's „Alef“ got the entry frag for his team, but GS's „King" and „Joker“ instantly returned the favor, which turned the situation into a 4v1 for Gankstars.

Needless to say, IK's „SheikDxress“ couldn't win this one for his team.

This forced Insanity Killers into another eco round, which Gankstars got fairly easily on the A-bomb spot, as GS's „xSmgg“ got a triple kill to end the round, bringing his team to the match point.

In the final round of the match, Insanity Killers defensive plan on the B bomb didn’t work out.

It put IK's „Alef“ and „GOLL1NS“ in a 2v4 situation, which they couldn't win.

Gankstars won the first map 13:4!

Insanity Killers had a good start, but once Gankstars got in the zone they just couldn’t stop them.

GS's „Joker“ showed some great aggressive moves on this map.

Map: Legacy

This time Gankstars started the match on the Terrorist side.

For the most part of the round, Insanity Killers had an advantage, however, Gankstars did turn it around later on.

In the end, it came down to a fight between IK's „SheikDxress“ and GS's „Cr7“ on the A site.

IK’s player narrowly came down on top and got the round.

In the following round, Gankstars decided to rush the B bomb spot, which worked great and they managed to plant the bomb.

A strong performance by „Alef“ and „c0sm0s“ turned the situation into a 3v1 for Insanity Killers.

However, GS' „Joker“ made an incredible play, as he killed both „C0sm0s“ and „Sheikdxress“ first and then took out „Alef“ in a one-versus-one to secure the round for his team.

C0sm0s“ stepped up for Insanity Killers in the next round.

He won a one-versus-two, by killing both „Kingeh“ and „Cr7“  and defused the bomb, which was planted at the B bomb spot.

Insanity killers further extended their lead in the 4th round thanks to „Davyzinx7“ who prevented „King“ from planting the bomb. „SheikDxress“ also had a notable performance in the round as he got a triple kill for his side.

Insanity Killers won the next eco round fairly convincingly, while the gun round ended up being a 2v1, which the South American team grabbed as well.

In the 7th round, GS' „King“, „Kingeh“ and „Cr7“ finally got the much needed entry frags for the team on the A bomb spot which allowed them to win the round.

Gankstars got the entry frags again in the next round and put Insanity killers into a 4v2 situation from which they didn’t recover.

This forced Insanity Killers into an eco round, where we've seen GS's „Joker“ get a quad frag with a grenade down the middle.

It was one of the coolest moves we've seen during the Critical Ops Spring Invitational.

After that Gankstars tied the score with a great play by „Joker“ and „Cr7“ who planted the bomb and successfully defended it later on.

Both teams won one more round before the end of the half, ending it with an even scoreline (6:6).

After the side swap Insanity killers decided to rush the B bomb spot, but their push was easily deflected by Gankstars, as „Joker“ and „Night“ got the early kills.

Gankstars also won the following eco round

In the first gun round of the second half, GS's „Kingeh“ and „Night“ made an insane comeback on the A bomb spot.

They recovered from a 2v5 and win the round.

Gankstars won yet another eco round after that.

The 17th round featured an even exchange of frags, which eventually ended up in a 1v1 situation, where we've seen GS's „Night„ kill IK's „Alef“ and defuse the bomb on A.

Gankstars only lost a single player in the next round.

That brought them to the match point.

Insanity Killers opted to push the A site in the next round and managed to plant the bomb.

However, GS beat them after the plant, as „Joker“ fragged „Davyzinx7“ for the win. It was 13:6 for Gankstars.

Gankstars clutched a lot of rounds in this one and that’s the main reason for their win.

Map: Bureau

Insanity Killers looked really dangerous on the last map.

They ended the first half with an even scoreline, but Gankstars stepped it up on the Terrorist side.

In the end, Gankstars won the map with a 13:10 scoreline, completing their 3-0 sweep in the „Americas“ Grand Finals.

It still seems that the North American Critical Ops teams are on another level compared to the South American ones.

Gankstars once again showed that they are the best team in the region, regardless of what’s happening to them outside the battlefield.

That's it for the “Americas”!

Are you surprised by the end result?

Did you expect a closer finals?

Let us know in the comments!

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