Gankstars are the First Critical OPS LAN Champions!

June 28, 2018 16:11

The first ever Critical Ops LAN event finally happened last week.

Many Critical Ops fans and teams waited patiently for such an event to take place and it was worth it as the tournament gave us a lot of exciting matches.

A lot of teams had to change their lineup a bit for the LAN event, making it very hard to predict the outcome of the matches.

It was obvious from the start that Group B was the tougher of the groups since it included the two finest North American teams – Gankstars and Hammers eSports.

Two teams advanced from each group and we haven’t seen any real surprises in the Group Stage.

European teams, „Vision Gaming“ and „SetToDestroyX“ got eliminated straight away, losing both group matches.

The semifinals featured the following pairs:

  • Nova eSports vs Hammers eSports

  • Gankstars vs CSPG Gaming

On the first map (Bureau) between Nova esports and Hammers eSports, NE's „Kam“ managed to acquire a total of 42 frags, however, that still wasn't enough, as his team lost the map with a 13:11 scoreline.

The fact that the second player in Nova eSports lineup („Milio“). had just 18 frags in total shows how dominatingKam“ was in the matchup.

On the second map (Canals), Hammers eSports had a great Counter-Terrorist side, which allowed them to get the victory later on and win the series (13-8).

The second semifinals featured a clash between Asia and North America, as Gankstars went up against CSPG Gaming.

This matchup was very one-sided, as CSPG Gaming won a total of 6 rounds over the course of two maps (Legacy, Grounded).

On both maps, CSPG Gaming showed a rather lackluster Terrorist side.

The Grand Finals of the Critical Ops LAN event ended up being a rematch of the semifinals of Critical Ops Spring Invitational – Gankstars vs Hammers eSports.

The starting map was Grounded, where we saw a dominant performance by Gankstars.

First, they won 8 rounds on the Terrorist side, and after that they had an impeccable Counter-Terrorist side, losing just a single round.

The game ended with a 13:5 scoreline in favor of Gankstars.

GS' „Night” had an impressive performance on this map, as he almost got 20 frags over the course of 18 rounds.

In the second map of the series, Hammers eSports started off strong, ending the Terrorist half with a 9:3 lead.

Blueice“ was a key player for Hammers on both maps, as he had some great plays and frags.

Once the sides swapped, Gankstars showed their resilience and quickly tied the score

In the last rounds of the game, Gankstars showed what they are capable of, stepped up their game and ended the series and the Grand Finals with a 13:10 scoreline.

It’s not surprising that Gankstars became the first Critical Ops LAN champions.

They are the most dominating team in the history of Critical Ops and the victory was well deserved.

Big congratulations!

It's going to be interesting to see if the upcoming tournaments can change the current team rankings.

Hammers eSports looked amazing, even though they had 2 players missing from the starting lineup.

The fight for the throne in Europe is open, and we're yet to see who is going to claim it.

Are you surprised by any of the results we've seen during the LAN event?

Let us know in the comments!

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