From Down Under: Team Mythed Esports

March 26, 2019 12:54

Not often do we get a chance to interview one teams from “down under”.

Team Mythed Esports is competing in the Asian region, with them being based from Australia.

To find out more about the team, we decided to ask Pharaoh-S- a couple of questions.


Please give a short history of your team and how was the team created.

Mythed esports started off with the 4 guys that played Critical Ops religiously.

As we grew and grew as a team we developed a brotherly like bond which was spread around the Critical Ops community in the Australia scene.

Today we still have the same energy with every flank, kill and win that we are able to conquer is all through this same bond.

Which players are representing your team and what are their respective roles?

Representing our team is;

Spanka who currently is our ,ain Support player followed by.

Myself Pharaoh -S- is the leader off Mythed esports and in-game leader.

vCosmic is our highly skilled entry fragger.

Salazar who is our main sniper who hits the most needed shots.

And last but not least Nickolai who is our main rifler and bomb carrier when we are playing the role of “The Breach”.

How exactly does Mythed Esports support your team and what kind of benefits do you get from the organization?

This organization was founded by myself and a few mates that wanted to grow in the Australian mobile gaming scene and we support and benefit our players not only in the game but outside in the real world lives as well.

To perform to a high standard not only do they need to psychically be healthy but psychologically also.

Over the past 2 years, we have developed a way to talk about our problems with each other whether it's via call or message, we always do our best to look out for each other on the field and off.

Talk to us about the recent cups your team has attended and the results you've managed to achieve.

Mythed esports has had a steady tournament record we have been in 5 tournaments, with us winning two of them.

The other 3 (One being the 5v5 Frenzy Tournament held by Gankstars) we met our demise and was forced to change our gameplay and come back stronger than before.

In your opinion, what's the state of the Australian Critical Ops scene at the moment?

At the moment Critical Ops in Australia has been steady in the last few years with some big competition and some heavy hitters.

It has always been a competitive but respectable community with clans always helping each other improve!

This is what gives us the motivation to move forward!

How would you rate your team compared to the rest of the Asian scene and who would you say is the clear number one right one?

Comparing ourselves to the Asia scene is indefinite because it's always growing but I would respectively place ourselves high amongst semi-pro clans as we have taken on some highly successful clans in the past!

If you have to describe your team in one sentence, what would it be?

A brotherhood forever adapting and conquering.

What are your thoughts on the latest Critical Ops updates?

Critical Force has done an outstanding job with the budget and tools they have to make the game not only enjoyable but forever making the normal gameplay we once were so prone to evolve!

With the new addition of the Vector and recent weapon balancing there are no bounds for this game!

Anything you want to tell the Australian fans?

You guys have only seen the beginning.

But in return thank you to all that have supported us in any way possible!

Even though Mythed Esports is from Austrlia, they have a lot of potential to become one of the household names in the Asian scene.

We do wish them the best of luck and hope they can perform well in the future.

You can follow Mythed Esports at - @MythedTeam

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