Fresh and hot C-Ops LAN Predictions

June 22, 2018 23:04

The first ever Critical Ops LAN event is almost here!

If you don’t know yet, it's going to be played in Seattle, USA.

Also, we are excited as hell!

If you’re not, you can’t call yourself a C-Ops fan. Sorry.

The event will feature the best teams Critical Ops has to offer and the total prize pool of the tournament is set at 40.000 $.

Here is the list of the invited teams:

•    CSPG, Asia

•    Gankstars, North America

•    Hammers Esports, North America

•    Nova Esports, Europe

•    Vision Gaming (ex-Dynasty), Europe

•    SetToDestroyX, Europe

Here are our predictions for the tournament.

You should take them with a grain (or a bag) of salt as this is the first LAN event ever and some of the teams might struggle under the pressure of playing in the offline environment.


The Favorites

Without a doubt, Gankstars are the favorites to claim the crown.

They have been performing at the top level for multiple seasons in a row and showed that they're a team that can overcome almost any obstacle.

During the Critical Ops Spring Invitational, they came back after losing a map against both D2R and Hammers eSports.

This just shows that even when the things are not looking great for them, they can deal with the pressure and turn the situation into their favor.

One of their starting members  („King“) is unable to attend the LAN event, so „Luis“ from D2R, who also used to play for Gankstars, is going to take his place.

In the past, we've seen Gankstars perform well even when they had to field different players in the crucial moments of the competition.

We expect them to once again show us what they are capable of.

Anything but the Grand Finals would be a disappointment for them, at they are probably the best and the most consistent team around at the moment.

The Challengers

Nova eSports acquired „Kam“ and „Milio“ specifically for this event and we know how impactful they can be.  

On the other hand, one of their pivotal players („Grizz“) won't be able to attend the event.

In the Critical Ops Spring Invitational, they lost in the quarterfinals, which was a surprise and made us question their form after a successful Winter Season.

Their lineup for LAN looks very different from their Spring one and it will be interesting to see what they can bring to the table.

Kam“ and „Milio“ are one of the finest players in North America, and if any of them will show up in top form, we can see Nova reaching the finals.

They are a team that can't be taken lightly and can beat pretty much everybody on a good day.

CSPG Immortals made history during the previous Spring Invitational, as they are the first Asian team to win a Valiance C-Ops tournament.

This is also the first time we're going to see „Punn“ play, and we know how good of a team leader he is.

BuRNzzZ“ and „M4tt“ won't be able to attend the even, and „MVP“ and „Spectre“ will take their place.

We've seen „MVP“ play in Gankstars not so long ago, and him joining the team will most likely make them even stronger.

If things fall into place for CSPG Immortals, they can achieve a fantastic result, and maybe even make history once again.

A team that has been constantly improving is Hammers eSports.

They are one of the rare examples of a team that doesn't change members often and instead works on their gameplay.

In Critical Ops Winter Season they got pretty much destroyed by Gankstars, while during Spring Invitational, they were the team that almost eliminated Gankstars in the semifinals.

Unfortunately for them, they won't have their starting lineup at the event.

Kraken“ and „God“ will replace „Spaced“ and „Vitaly“ as they are another pair of players that won’t be able to attend the tournament.

Still, those are their official substitutes, so they know their team’s gameplan.

The only question is - Will the team still function at the same level as they rarely change their lineup?

If they manage to do it, Hammers eSports will be a team to fear.

Dark Horses

SetToDestroyX did not achieve their goals in the previous two online tournaments.

Both times they lost to Team Elevate in the elimination matches.

They're also attending the event with two replacements - „Akjon“ and „Illshotz

Although we've seen „Akjon“ play in our online tournaments and he recently got recruited by D2R, we didn't see „Illshotz“ play at the highest level of the competition yet.

This might be a risky move for SetToDestroyX, but sometimes high risk brings high reward.

In the interview, they've stated that they have been working on their gameplay, and now they will also incorporate some aggressive tactics by the looks of it.

It will be interesting to see if they can do some damage at the event and surprise some of the favorites.

Vision Gaming (ex-Dynasty) had a good run in the Critical Ops Spring Invitational as they eliminated the Winter Season Champions – Nova eSports.

In the semifinals they suffered a huge loss to Team Elevate, which was a bit unexpected after their great performance against Nova eSports.

Coming into this event,  „Cheerio“ will be taking „Headshot’s“ place in the starting lineup.

VG's lineup itself features a lot of known players that have played at the highest level of the competition.

They have all the necessary tools to stage an upset or two on a good day.

The team was also acquired by the Vision Gaming organization, so we are sure they are going to be extra motivated to show what they’re capable of.

These are our predictions for the first ever Critical Ops LAN event.

Do you agree with us?

Or do you think we are terribly, terribly wrong?

Let us know in the comments!

The event is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday (23th and 24th June).

Don’t miss it!

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