Fizzy of SetToDestroyX

August 16, 2017 10:26

New day, new interview! Next person with us is Fizzy from SetToDestroyX. The team’s name may sound new, but you probably know the roster because it was the previous roster of Team ViraL. In this interview, Fizzy is gonna talk about this new esports franchise entering the Critical-Ops scene, reasons why he left Kings Clan, his current team’s goal for this Championship Series and much more.

Breezy: First of all — can you tell us more information about this new esports franchise, SetToDestroyX, that recently got into Critical-Ops and recruited the previous roster of Team ViraL ? 
Fizzy: Founded in 2010, SetToDestroyX is a professional esports organization dedicated to industry growth, developing the Canadian market, fostering amateurs to compete at the professional level, supporting our professional gamers for greater success. In the last 3 years, SetToDestroyX has competed against numerous teams of the international circuit and is trending upward, projected to have tremendous success in 2017 with appropriate funding & eclipse the global esports money list Top 200.

Breezy: Let’s talk about you and your current situation, do you think leaving Kings clan was the right decision? You were part of the clan for so many years and you’ve built special relations with a lot of persons there that you can’t get just like that.
Fizzy: Yes, personally, I think it was the right decision. I think it was the time for me to leave, try different things and meet new people. There were some things I disagreed with but overall, I had a very good time in kings.

Breezy: There are other good teams based in Europe, I'd like to know what made you join SetToDestroyX?
Fizzy: Well, I have been friend with Tekow since a long time now and I started talking to him a lot since the announcement of the LAN. At that time Team ViraL has decided to leave the Critical-Ops scene and the team was looking for new players, he asked me and I accepted his invitation.

Breezy: Are you guys prepared to face the 1st of the North American seed, Imperial?
Fizzy: I would say yes, we are prepared. We have been practicing a lot and we also got 2 new players that are very good. We will keep up the hard work with the team until the Championship Series.

Breezy: If you do win against Imperial, there is a chance that you’re gonna play against your old teammates. How would you feel if you were going to play against them?
Fizzy: I mean, it would be like playing any other teams. We have scrimmed Kings so many times that I got used to it. Of course, i still like the persons in Kings but playing against my old team mates won’t stop me from trying my best.

Breezy: Last but not least — What are the goals of the team for this Championship Series?
Fizzy: We would like to win, obviously. I think we all want to try our best, to work as a team for the future tournaments and learn from this upcoming event.

SetToDestroyX have a lot of decent players and with the addition of Fizzy, this team really looks strong and seems to have a big potential. They are ready to play against the current best teams in the game right now, this weekend we are gonna see if they really are as prepared as they said.

Breezy writes for Valiance and can be found on Twitter

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