Fishy - We aren't feeling motivated like before

January 14, 2019 13:04

Hammers Esports is the current reigning North American champions.

In the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational, they performed exceptionally well, proving that they’re better than the rest of the competition.

Shortly after the end of the season, some of the players left the team while other announced their inactivity.

To find out more, we’ve decided to make an interview with the leader of the team – Fishy.

Hopefully, this will give a better insight to the community into the current state of Hammers Esports.


As most can tell by now, a lot of this is happening in the North American scene.

Can you shortly summarize what is going on with your team?

Right now, we just aren’t feeling as motivated as we once were to play the game.

There is hardly anything to play for at this time which makes it hard for us to really get back on the grind to play.

Considering you were finally able to get that number one spot in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational, would you say it's a bit strange for some of your players to just leave the scene after spending so much time on improving and reaching the throne?

No, I wouldn’t say it’s strange considering how many players have already left the scene.

All this does is spread out more competition for when tournaments start to happen again.

What are your personal plans -Will you stay in Hammers Esports regardless and still try to compete in the upcoming competitive events?

Yes, we will be staying with Hammers Esports and will not be leaving the competitive scene and will continue to compete in upcoming events.

How would you comment on the general state of the North American scene right now and the organizations involved?

I feel that the main issue for all these players leaving and most teams disbanding is the lack of tournaments and competition for teams to participate in.

Giving them a reason to practice and wanting to get better as a player and as a team, while only having one cash funded tournament (Valiance) in the scene which happens once a season makes it hard to keep yourself motivated when there’s nothing else to play for.

On the other hand, the European scene is looking really strong and more and more teams are coming every day, which seem to be able to compete at a very high level.

In your opinion, why is this only happening right now in Europe?

For the European side of the game, it seems they have a lot of new players coming up that are looking to break into the pro scene which could be why you’re seeing a lot of new teams due to some of the old players moving onto other games.

What needs to be done in order to attract new players and bring back the old ones?

What I think that needs to be done to attract new players and possibly bring back some old players are events that are funded and backed by CFE or by an organization/sponsorship.

This way it’ll give the players that spark to want to play and compete again.

Would you say to say something to your fans?

I would like to thank everyone who’s still standing by us supporting us in every decision, without you guys the team wouldn’t be here.


We’d like to thank Fishy for an interview and hope that Hammers Esports will be back soon.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the North American scene?

Let us know down in the comments below!

You can follow Hammers Esports at - @HammersEsports

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