Fishy - It's our time to take the North American throne after beating Gankstars

September 8, 2018 12:27

Hammers Esports have finally managed to beat Gankstars in the Semi-Finals and they pulled that quite convincingly over the course of two maps.

By doing this, they have secured their slot in the Grand Finals, where they're set to face yet another insanely strong team – D2R.

Fishy is the guy we talk with ahead of the North American Grand Finals.

Without further ado, here are the questions and answers!

You finally managed to beat Gankstars in the elimination match.

On the first map of the series (Canals), you demonstrated a superb Counter-Terrorist side. (13:2)

If you could point out a single reason why you were able to perform so well, what would that be?

Our teamwork and mentality were our key points in why we were so successful in our CT holds.

We have been testing out new spots for players to play on certain maps and different setups for our CT holds.

This led certain players to feel more comfortable and play their game.

In the second map (Legacy), you once again showed great CT side which didn't allow Gankstars to make a comeback.

Were you worried at any point in time when Gankstars started winning some Terrorist rounds that they could make a comeback?

Yes, we did have thoughts that they could make a comeback because Legacy is Gankstars favorite map and they are very strong on that map, but we kept calming each other down to stay focused on the game.

In the Grand Finals, you will play against D2R who have been the most impressive team so far since they didn't lose a single match.

How would you rate your changes versus them and do you feel like this is your time to finally get on the North American throne?

D2R is a very strong team that could never be looked down on they have been competing and proving to everyone that they are still a top NA team but we feel like this is our time to take that throne after beating Gankstars in the semis we are coming in strong and not letting anyone take that from us.

Is there something you want to share with the viewers before the match?

Thank you to everyone who doubted us it helped fuel the fire to motivate us to keep pushing forward.

Thank you to the people who have been supporting us since the beginning, every day having our backs with the support for us to stay focused and giving us a reason to keep playing thank you we appreciate you all. #HamFam #HammerTime

Hammers Esports has been looking great so far in this season, and we do believe that their match with D2R will be an even one.

Do you think Hammers' teamplay with be able to beat D2R's individual performance?

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