Fearie: I believe UPR will be a household name after this tournament

July 26, 2018 16:30

Team UPR made it to the Valiance Summer Season Group Stage once „Team Exile“ was disqualified for not uploading their anti-cheat files after their encounter.

As you probably noticed, we’re interviewing every team that has advanced to the Group Stage.

Guess who’s next in line?

Yep, team “UPR“.

We talked to Faerie, the founder and leader of team.

He told us more about the team’s core values, ambitions and goals.


Please tell us who are the players that represent your team and how does your team function.

Our team functions in strict discipline and respect.  

We love to have fun and regularly host community events like “UPR Movie Night” and giveaways.  

But, every player knows their place.  

We don’t accept toxicity.  

For us, chemistry and raw potential mean more than gun skill.  

Gun skill can be improved, but team chemistry and potential aren’t present in every player.

Our competitive team is currently represented by myself, „Menace“, „Linkie“, „Ethernal“, and „Neil“.  

We will be using „InsaneX“ as a sub for the Group Stages and potentially another player.

I am the Founder and Captain of UPR.  „Menace“ is the IGL, „Linkie“ is our lurker/entry, „Ethernal“ is our sniper, and „Neil“ plays support.  

We have been playing as a line-up for about two months, but many of us have the chemistry that goes back a year or more.

This is your first premier showing.

How much does this mean to you personally and to the whole team?

This season is a great opportunity for us to make a name for ourselves.  

Our goal is to create as much havoc and chaos in-game for these top-tier teams.  

We look forward to showing all of North America what we’re capable of.  

The whole team is excited and eager to prove themselves.

Personally, this tournament holds a very special meaning for me.

I left „IFL“ to create and build this team up to be a worthy contender to the Tier 1 teams we all respect and look up to.  

Being able to play in a competitive arena against these teams is both an honor and a blessing.

You will soon play against the best teams in North America.

Which two teams do you think will cause you the most trouble and why?

I hold major respect for all of our peers this season.  

That being said, the two teams we know reign supreme are "Gankstars" and "Hammers Esports".

"Gankstars" have been the defending champs for multiple seasons with chemistry and skill far above most top tier teams.  

Their strategies are efficient, smart, and ever-changing.  

Adapting to their game-style will be difficult.

Hammers Esports“ is a team that I know quite well.  

I used to manage "IFL" (before they became Hammers) and their potential is unmatched.  

"Fishy" is one of the best IGLs in North America, and potentially in the entire game.  

With his callouts and guidance, Hammers is a team to be feared.

Every player is a monster on their own and when they get in the zone - they’re virtually unstoppable.  

Containing them will be a challenge.

How would you rate your chances of advancing to the playoffs?

I know we have the potential to make it into the last phase of Valiance.  

We will grind and work towards the end goal.

To all teams underestimating us, think again.  

We’re coming for you.

What result would you be satisfied with at the end of Valiance Summer Season?

Our goal is the top spot.  

That’s the dream we are working towards to making a reality.

Satisfaction is something that I don’t indulge in.  

Complacency and contentment kill team morale and their drive to do well.  

We’re gunning for the top and will work towards that this season and every season afterward.

Where do you see your team in the next 6 months and do you think this is just the beginning of something bigger for you?

I believe „UPR“ will be a household name within the Critical Ops community after this tournament.  

In 6 months, I expect us to earn our spot to regularly be invited to known tournaments to prove our mettle and defend our reputation.

This is just the beginning – „UPR“ is just getting started.

If you’d have to describe your team with 1 sentence, what would it be?

"UPR" is a team built on dedication, respect, and ambition.

Is there something you wish to share with the Critical OPS community and your followers?

UPR“ was founded to give the lesser-known talented players a chance to move up.  

Every top team is invite-only and closed indefinitely.

All of us in „UPR“ are unknown players who grinded their way this far.

We’ve only been around for two months and accomplished what teams many months and years older haven’t.  

At one point, we only had three players on the roster and almost disbanded.  

But we came back better than ever and made strides I never thought possible in such a short amount of time.

We don’t take this for granted - this took a lot of work, sleepless nights, and networking.  

And this is why we continue to work very hard to further improve ourselves and do better.

If you’re a new team looking to “make it” - listen closely.  

It really is hard work and time management.

Trust the process.  

You will want to give up and you will want to give in.  

Don’t - what may seem like the end can turn out to be just the beginning.  

If we can do it, so can you.

Team „UPR“ are surely underdogs and they will have to play out of their minds to achieve their goals

We wish them luck and hope they will play some exciting games during this season.

You can follow UPR at - @UPR_iOS

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