Favorites running the show in the first week of EU

February 23, 2018 16:49

The first week of the European Group Stage proved that favorites are favorites for a reason.

It was hard to expect any surprises, but you know… it’s nice to see an upset every now and then.

Let’s go through the games!

Easy Peasy for the Kings(Kings Uprising vs WLGaming)

Map: Legacy

Kings Uprising started off the match great on the Counter-Terrorist side and won the pistol round and the first eco round.

In the third round, WLGaming acquired the guns, but that didn't help them much as Kings Uprising decided to make an aggressive push which worked very well, securing them yet another round.

WLGaming finally got on the scoreboard in the 6th round, thanks to the great play by „LenTai C“ on the B bomb spot.

But WLGaming was unable to keep up the momentum and Kings Uprising got the following two rounds.

In the 10th round, WLGaming had a great chance to win yet another round, but unfortunately for them, it didn't happen, as „DeadBear“ and „Star Shopping“ retook the B bomb spot fairly easy.

WLG finally took one more in the last round of the half, as „xlili“ got the U-ratio entry kill,  which allowed them to successfully execute their A bomb site plan.

The half ended with a 8 round difference in favor of Kings Uprising.

After the side swap, Kings Uprising decided to rush the middle in the pistol round.WLGaming didn't expect that, and they lost yet another round.

This made it pretty much impossible for them to get back into the game.

In the end, Kings Uprising won the match with a 13:3 scoreline.

All of the Kings Uprising players brought their A game, and we're eager to see how they will stack against stronger opposition.

Can’t get any closer than that (Nova eSports vs SKY2FLY)

Map: Canals

SKY2Fly started as the Counter-Terrorists in the first half.

The opening round brought us some back and forth action with SKY2FLY coming out on top due to „DeathFromSk1zz“ winning a 1v1 versus duel against NE's „Grizz90“.

In the first buy round, NE's „Dolphin3G“ made a great entry kill with his U-ratio to open things up for his team, and „Naarkz QLF“ triple kill secured the round for them.

In the next round, SKY2FLY decided to play offensively, which caught Nova eSports completely off guard, bringing SKY2FLY the lead.

Nova eSports responded with a great play by „Dolphin3G“ and „Grizz90“, who got the opening kills in the next round and that proved too much to handle for SKY2FLY.

For the remainder of the half, both teams were trading blows, which resulted in a tie at the mid-point of the game.

After the side swap, „Nova eSports“ dominated the pistol round on the CT side. They didn’t lose a single player, which was huge!

This allowed them to win the following 2 rounds, as SKY2FLY was unable to get a good buy round.

In the 16th round, SKY2FLY „x Flopz“ got an insane double kill at the start on „Naarkz QLF“ and „pokus_“ and grabbed the first terrorist round for his team.

Heroic play by „_GeNeS1s“  during the next two round allowed Nova eSports to get to the matchpoint.

But SKY2Fly didn’t give up. They looked like a different team for the next four rounds, and tied the score!

It all came down to a 1v1 duel between NE's „_GeNeS1s“ and “PrinceEye”. „_GeNeS1s“  came out on top and claimed the much needed victory for his team.

_GeNeS1s“  was the MVP of the match as he saved his team several times in crucial moments and won the most important duel in the game.

Another day, another win (Elevate vs SetToDestroyX)

Map: Bureau

Team Elevate started strong on the Counter-Terrorist side, and won the pistol round without suffering any casualties.

SetToDestroY lost the next 2 eco rounds, but they did won the first gun round in convincing fashion.

Elevate returned the favor with some great defensive play.

Next round ended up being a very close one, as SetToDestroy’s „Primza“ almost won a 1v3 situation, but ultimately fell short to „proplayer991“ on the B bombsite.

SetToDestroyX couldn't get much done until the end of the half, and they only managed to get 1 more round - the last one of the half.

In the second half, Elevate had yet another strong showing in the pistol round, bringing them very close to victory

SetToDestroyX had to force up on a buy in the following rounds.

They didn’t have any good gear, which resulted in their defeat without winning a single round in the second half. The final score was 13:2.

"Alpha" had a great showing in this one, as he had 20 kills in just 15 rounds.

Nova eSports makes it look easy (Nova eSports vs WLGaming)

Map: Canals

Nova eSports started hot on the Terrorist side, winning the pistol round and the following eco rounds.

They also made short work of the first gun round, as they crushed through the WLGaming’s A defense setup which consisted of „MEDUSA EA“, “SeaNami“ and „xlili“.

In the next round, „_GeNes1s“ didn’t manage to win a 1v2 clutch against „MEDUSA EA“ and „xlili“, which got WLGaming on the board.

Two rounds later, „GeNes1s“ was put in the same position against the same players on the B site, and this time he delivered and got the round for his team.

WLGaming managed to claim only one more round before the end of the half, which meant that Nova eSports went into the second half with a 6 round lead.

After the side swap, Nova eSports won their second pistol round, putting WLGaming in a very tough spot.

Soon it was all over. WLGaming lost the first gun round, and Nova eSports got another victory in the bag, this time with a 13:3 scoreline.

We've seen some great matches in the first week of the European Group Stages and can't wait to see how the favorites will fare against each other.

Watch us live on youtube.com/valiance.gg once we go live!

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