Favorites prevail in South American QF

April 25, 2018 17:52

During the first weekend of the Critical Ops Spring Invitational we saw teams battle it out in South America.

Our predictions proved to be correct and we didn’t see any upsets in the quarterfinals.

This is what what happened on the battlefront.

Battalion vs V4lhalla Gaming

Map: Plaza

Battalion initially planned to attack the B bomb spot in the first pistol round as the Terrorists, however, after losing „Dnr“, they decided to rotate over to A site, which worked great as VG's defense was unable to hold.  

This move also allowed Battalion to clinch the following two eco rounds.

In the first gun round of the match Battalion extended their lead, as „iZzin“ and „Mihawk“ were able to get the entry frags very early in the round, which didn't leave VG much of a chance of grabbing this one.

The fifth round of the match featured an exchange of frags in the middle of the map, as VG decided to play somewhat aggressive, which didn’t work out, as Battalion got the better of them and claimed the A-bomb spot.

Ultimately, the round ended in a 1v1 situation where Battalion's „sxm 1“ defeated „iWhispeer“ with his U-ratio.

V4lhalla Gaming finally got on the scoreboard in the following round, as both „Prinho“ and „007PS“ got the double kill that stopped Battalion’s push.

In the 7th round of the match, Battalion got flanked on the A site alley by VG's „“wHy“. That allowed him and „MaDara“ to get the double kill, securing their team another point.

Battalion recovered in the next round as „iBerBelX“ and „Dnr“ got the early kills and snatched the round.

The 9th round of the match came down to a 2v2 situation on the A-bomb spot, where Battalion's „iZzin“ and „Mihawk“ got outplayed by VG's „iWhispeer“ and „007PS“, allowing them to retake the site and defuse the bomb.

In the following round, „007PS“ made a heroic play and won a 1v1 against  „sxm1“ on the A site.

This was the last round that V4lhalla Gaming got in the first half of the match and they entered the second half with a four-round deficit.

Once the sides swapped, VG managed to take the B bomb spot and win the round, as „iZzin“ was not able to win a 1v2 versus „007PS“ and „PrinhO“.

Battalion lost the following eco round, but were able to get the first gun round of the second half, as „PrinhO“ was unable to win 1v1 against „iZzin“ due to him being low on HP.  

V4lhalla Gaming decided to force-buy in the next round,however, that didn't work out for them, as they were unable to break Battalion defenses on the B bomb spot.

Battalion's „iBerbelX“ got a nice spray down in front of A site in the 17th round of the match, securing himself a triple kill on „wHy“, „PrinhO“ and „iWhispeer“ which stopped VG's push.

In the following round, VG successfully turned around an unfavorable 2v3 situation after a great play from „MaDaRa“ who managed to get the double kill on the B site.

After that, VG simply ran out of fuel, as Battalion was able to close out the match with 2 consecutive rounds, ending it with a 13:7 scoreline.

iBerBelX“ was on fire on this map, and he was a pivotal player on both Terrorist and the Counter-Terrorist side.

Map: Grounded

Battalion started the match on the Terrorist side again, but this time, it was V4lhalla Gaming who got the first round thanks to „007PS“ and „PrinhO“ who got double kills with revolvers.

In the following round, even thought VG had a three-man advantage over Battalion, it came down to a 1v1 on the B bomb spot, that was eventually saved by „PrinhO“.

It's important to mention that „iBerbelX“ made an insane play in this round, getting a double kill with both the revolver and the AK, making it four kills in total.

The 3rd round of the match featured an A site execution by Battalion, which V4halla Gaming was unable to stop.

In the next round, VG opted to make a force buy while having several shotguns, which got them the two entry frags onto „iBerbelX“ and „Dnr“, however, Battalion was able to recover and even the score.

V4lhalla decided to push down the middle part of the map in the following round, which put „wHy“ into the 1v3 situation with only 36 HP.

He eventually made it a 1v1 situation, but he was unable to win it, as „sxm 1“ got him with the U-ratio.

The 6th round of the match featured yet another even exchange of frags, which resulted in a 2v2 situation, but this time it went into VG's favor, as Battalion ran out of time to plant the bomb.

In the round after that, V4lhalla Gaming managed to reclaim the lead, as they successfully stopped the A site attempt and the middle push by Battalion.

It didn't take long for Battalion to even the score once again and this time it was due to great play by „Dnr“ and „iBerbelX“ that were able to get the very needed entry kills on B site for the team.

Battalion was able to outplay V4lhalla Gaming during the next three rounds with superior team play and rotations at the right moment.

V4lhalla Gaming did manage to win the last round of the half thanks to „007PS“ and „wHy“ that were able to stop the initial push of Battalion.

This meant that Battalion entered the second half with a two-round lead.

After the side swap, VG was able to plant the bomb on the A site, without any of the teams losing a single player.

Unfortunately for VG, they were unable to hold onto the site, as „PrinhO“ was unable to clutch a 1v3 later on in the round.

Battalion was able to acquire the following eco round and the first gun round of the second half, as „Dnr“ and „iZziN“ stopped the VG's middle take fairly easily.

In the next round, Battalion continued with their conquest, as they secured yet another eco.

The 17th round of the match made it all or nothing for V4lhalla Gaming, as losing the round would result in Battalion getting to the match point round.

Needless to say, „iBerbelX“ made another insane play by getting another quad kill and this time, it was on B long, which decimated VG's push.

Battalion also got the the next round and won the game 13:5.

iBerBelX“ was again on point in this match, together with „sxm 1“ who was landing some crucial shots with his U-ratio.

PrinhO“ also had some good moments in the series and there is bright future ahead of him.

Insanity Killers vs TNTG

Map: Plaza

TNTG made a valiant effort on the first map against heavily favored Insanity killers, as they were able to show some good play on the Counter-Terrorist side.

However, their weak Terrorist side was their downfall as they only won 3 rounds in the first half.

TNTG's „g0tze“ had a strong showing here, while everyone on the Insanity Killers showcased what a balanced team play means.

Map: Grounded

TNTG was unable to repeat their performance and got totally outplayed this time. They won only 3 rounds in total, while having a particularly poor CT-Side.

IK's „SheikDxress“ ran the show and got 28 frags in just 16 rounds.

Definitely a performance to remember!

Hope you enjoyed this week's matches.

We will be back with the regional finals on the 6th of May.

Make sure to tune in once we go live at youtube.com/valiancegg

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