Favorites Eliminated In EURASIA Quarterfinals

May 1, 2018 12:44

Well, apparently we can be pretty bad at predicting stuff.

At least as far as the quarterfinals in „EURASIA“ go.

Both Winter Season Finalists, Learn From Past and Infamous, got eliminated from the Spring Invitational, which is definitely a surprise.

Let’s see how that happened.

Learn from Past vs CSPG Immortals

Map: Grounded

LEFP started the match as Terrorists and planted the bomb on the A site without any losses on either side.  

CSPG's „Tiktok“ and „Mxtt“ got the double kill, which enabled their team to retake the site and defuse the bomb.

The following round was a thriller.

CSPG's „NyT“ got a triple kill at the start of the round, which LEFP miraculously turned into a 1v1 with LEFP's „DeSPa1R“ going up against CSPG's „Ted“.

„Ted“ was able to secure the round for his team by killing „DeSPa1R“ in front of the A-bomb spot hangars.

In the third round, LEFP was able to buy up thanks to the plant in the first round.

However, their A site push hit a brick wall, as CSPG's „Ted“ was able to finish the round by getting a triple kill, further extending his team's lead.

This forced LEFP into a revolver round, which showcased another stellar defense by CSPG Immortals on the A site, as they only lost a single player.

The fifth round of the match featured a B bomb spot push through B long and mid. Frags once again went into the favor of CSPG Immortals, as „DeSPa1R“  was left in a 1v3 situation, which forced him to save the gun for the next round.

In the 6th and 7th round, LEFP again tried to get the B bomb spot, but were unable to do so, as CSPG Immortals scored some entry frags in both rounds, not allowing LEFP to get their first point.  

LEFP's „DES1RE“ and „DeSPa1R“ were able to get an entry frag each while pushing the A site bomb spot in the 9th round, but even that wasn't enough for them to win the round, as both „Buxnz“ and „Tiktok“ were able to get a double kill on the retake.

LEFP finally got on the scoreboard in the 10 round of the match, thanks to“ANX1ETY“ who was able to win a one-versus-one against „Ted“ on the B bomb spot.

Teams split the last two rounds of the half and CSPG Immortals entered the second part of the game with a 8 round lead.

After the side swap, CSPG got the bomb down on the A-bomb spot,  but were unable to win the round, as LEFP managed to retake the site.

The fact that CSPG's „Mxtt“ had connection issues definitely made it more difficult for his team.

LEFP was able to grab the following two eco rounds, slowly closing the gap.

In the first gun round of the second half, CSPG's „Mxtt“ and „Buxnz“  were able to get the entry kills in the middle portion of the map and B long, allowing their team to get yet another round.

LEFP's „DES1RE“ stepped up to the challenge in the following round, eliminating both „Buxnz“ and „Tiktok“, which allowed his team to defend the A-bomb spot and get another point.

The 19th round of the match turned into a 2v2 situation on the A site, with CSPG's „Ted“ and „Mxtt“ coming out on top, bringing their team to the matchpoint.

In the following round, LEFP's „Thanks“ was able to clutch it against CSPG's „Buxnz“.

That ultimately didn't mean much as CSPG Immortals claimed the next round, ending the game with a 13:8 scoreline.

LEFP looked very weak on the Terrorist side of the map, while CSPG Immortals looked solid on all fronts.

CSPG's „Ted“ had some memorable moments in this match.

Map: Plaza

CSPG Immortals showed us a perfect plan execution in the pistol round on the Counter-Terrorist side.

They expected LEFP to push towards B bomb spot from B long.

To counter that, they've decided to push B long with all their players, which worked great, as „Buxnz“ and „Mxtt“ were able to get the entry kills, allowing their team to secure the round.

In the following eco round, LEFP was able to get the bomb down at the A site.

Eventually, the round ended up in a 1v2 situation, where CSPG's „TikTok“  was able to win the round by killing LEFP's „ANX1ETY“ and „Thanks“.

CSPG' „TikTok“ was the key player in the first gun round of the half as well, getting a triple kill which stopped LEFP's B bomb spot attempt, further extending his team's lead.

In the 4th round of the match, LEFP managed to plant the bomb on the B site, but they were unable to hold the site, since CSPG had more men left which proved to be pivotal during the retake attempt.

The next round of the match featured an A site push by LEFP, which worked great, as they were able to get to the bomb spot and plant the bomb.

Even though LEFP had two more players left, CSPG was able to retake the bomb spot, thanks to an insane play by „Buxnz“, who was able to get the double kill with the grenade and clutch the round against LEFP's„DeSPa1R“.

LEFP was finally able to get on the scoreboard in the 6th round of the match, as CSPG's „NyT“ was unable to win a 1vs2 against „Shame“ and „Thanks“ on the B site.

CSPG immortals weren't really flustered and returned the favor right away.

TikTok“ was once again a hero for his team in the 7th round by winning a 1v1 versus LEFP's „DES1RE“ on the A site and successfully defusing the bomb.

CSPG Immortals „Ted“ had a great showing in the following two rounds. First by getting a triple kill and later on by winning a 1v2 against „ANX1ETY“ and „DES1RE“. These two actions won both of the rounds for his team.

Until the end of the half, LEFP was unable to get an additional round, entering the second half with an enormous 10 round deficit!

Once the side swapped, CSPG Immortals were able to rush to the B site and get the bomb down. „Buxnz“ got the two entry kills, allowing his team to take this one fairly easily.

After that, LEFP was forced into an eco, where we've seen CSPG Immortals triumph once again, ending the match 13:1.

LEFP had a very weak showing in this one and they looked like a mere shadow of their usual selves. „Ted“ and „Tiktok“ played superbly in this match and turned many rounds into their team's favor.

Kings Demise vs Infamous

Map: Grounded

Kings Demise had a great Terrorist half, as they were able to acquire a 6 round lead before the side swap.

Infamous was able to get the second pistol round, and also some of the gun rounds in the second half, but once Kings Demise fixed their mistakes, it was all over for them.

Even though Infamous lost the match, „kiola“ had an insane game, as he got 26 frags while the second player in his team only got 14.

Map: Legacy

Infamous looked way better on Legacy, as they won 10 rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side.

Kings Demise tried their best to turn it around, but was unable to catch up, eventually losing the match 8:13.

IFM's „Kiola“ and „Sylee“ had some memorable moments in this match.

Map: Plaza

On the deciding map, Kings Demise started strong on the Terrorist side, winning 6 rounds before Infamous won their first point.

After losing the half 3:9, Infamous couldn't get back into the game, losing the match 5:13.

Leapy“ looked great in this one and was the driving force of his team with 23 frags.

That's it for the Quarterfinals of the "EURASIA".

The two favorites are eliminated and we can’t wait to see how the Semi-Finals (13th of May) will turn out.

Grab some popcorn and tune in on youtube.com/valiancegg once we go live.

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