Favorites came, saw and conquered in the 2nd week of EU

February 28, 2018 17:55

The second week of the European Group Stages brought no surprises, as favorites made easy work of their opposition.

Here is what we've seen in each of the matches this week.

Completely outmatched (Team Elevate vs WLGaming)

Map: Canals

Team Elevate started off strong on the Terrorist side and they dominated the first three rounds.

In the first buy round, WLGaming didn't put up much of a fight.

Elevate got 3 entry frags and the round was over before it really began.

WLGaming bounced back in the following two rounds.

They made a comeback after losing two players to Elevate's „Energy“ in order to secure the first round for their side.

Right after that, „Energy“ faced off against „MEDUSA EA“ in a duel on the A site, which he won fairly easily.

Until the end of the half, WLGaming got one more round, losing the half with a 6 rounds difference.

Once the sides swapped, Team Elevate steamrolled to victory and WLGaming seemed powerless in their attempts to stop them.

The match ended with a 13:3 victory for Team Elevate.

All players from Team Elevate played a really good game and WLGaming definitely got outclassed in this one.

SetToDestroyX firing on all cylinders (SetToDestroyX vs SKY2FLY)

Map: Plaza

The opening round of the match was very close. In the end SetToDestroyX's „MrBates“ made a huge play for the terrorist side by getting a double kill with the revolver on „invy“ and „PrinceEye“ to close out the round on the A bomb site.

Sky2Fly decided to buy in the third round (shotgun buy), and it paid off, as they caught SetToDestroyX completely off guard.

In the following round, SetToDestroyX did the same thing, with „Primza“ getting a triple kill and grabbing the round for his team.

In the fifth round we've seen some solid play by STDx on the B site, with „Overload“ and „Barren“ locking down the B bomb spot after the plant.

Primza“ was once again the hero for STDx in the 7th round, as he saved his team by killing „x Flopz“ and „DeathFromSk1zz“ on the A site and also stopping the defuse along the way.

SetToDestroyX continued their great performance until the end of the half. On the other hand, SKY2FLY just couldn't get their defense setup to work.

In the second half, SetToDestroyX won another pistol round, but this time they only lost a single player.

SKY2FLY never recovered and they lost the match 13:2.

Unlike the previous week, SetToDestroyX looked deadly this time. A lot of players stepped up, and we expect they’ll deliver again in the following weeks.

Surprisingly one-sided (Team Elevate vs Kings Uprising)

Map: Canals

Even though Kings Uprising managed to plant the bomb in the pistol round as the Terrorists, Team Elevate won the round without losing a single member.

The teamplay they demonstrated in this round was really amazing to see.

In the next round Kings Uprising decided to make a force buy, which didn't work out for them.

Elevate's „Osynt“ got a triple kill to close out the round which further extended his team's lead.

Kings Uprising finally managed to get a full buy in the fourth round of the match, but it ended up being a complete disaster for them, as they were again shut down by Elevate.

Kings Uprising finally got on the scoreboard in the next round, as „DyN“ and „Kubait“ successfully defended the B bomb site after plant.

Elevate got back on the winning track right away, and we saw most of the attacks by Kings Uprising crumble against Elevate’s formidable defense.

In the last round of the half, Kings Uprising got themselves another round with „DyN“ getting a double kill with his U-ratio.

After the side swap, Kings Uprising won the much needed pistol round.

However, they still had a long way to go.

Team Elevate made an insane play in the following round, as they completely out aimed Kings Uprising using only pistols.

It was next to impossible for Kings Uprising make a comeback and they soon lost the match with a 9 round difference.

Not many people expected such a blowout since both of the teams are considered creme de la creme of the European region.

Kings Uprising will have to get back to the drawing board after this match and see what went wrong for them.

This week was very one-sided, however, there is still time for all teams to make adjustments and show what they are capable of in the following weeks.

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