Exciting matches in the second week of Asia

August 8, 2018 14:38

The second week of Asian C-Ops Summer Season was really interesting.

We've seen a fierce battle between ex-teammates (Infamous vs Xion) and a match between the two finest Asian teams at the moment (CSPG Gaming vs Learn from Past).

Here is a recap of the second week action.

Once again CSPG Gaming prevails

CSPG Gaming vs LEFP

Map: Grounded

CSPG started off on the Terrorist side and „Mxtt“ quickly got a double kill, wiping out „DeSPa1R“ and „DES1RE“ near the A bomb spot.

That allowed his team to clinch the round later on the B bomb spot, while only losing a single player.

CSPG Gaming stood strong in the following two eco rounds, with „Mxtt“ getting a quad kill in the latter one to finish it off.

In the first gun round of the game, CSPG opted to split toward the B bomb spot.

Even though LEFP had a three-versus-two, „Tiktok“ turned it around by killing „DES1RE“ and „Thanks“.

That left „Beauty“ in a one-versus-one against „Mxtt“, who got the better of him.

It took LEFP a total of five rounds before they finally got on the scoreboard and that was thanks to „Honor“ who got a total of four kills.

LEFP successfully deflected CSPG's A bomb spot split, with „DES1RE“ getting a triple kill at the start of the round, allowing his team to clean up the rest of CSPG with ease.

The 8th round featured an even exchange of frags that ended in a two-versus-two, where „DeSPa1R“ got the last two kills on the A bomb spot to further narrow the gap.

With a stellar performance in the following round, LEFP evened the score.

In the 11th round of the match LEFP showed amazing defense on the B bomb spot, with „Thanks“ and „Honor“ getting a quad kill in total, completely demolishing CSPG’s push.

This gave LEFP the lead for the first time in the game.

LEFP also got the last round of the half with a A bomb spot retake, finishing the half with a 2 round lead.

Once the sides swapped, CSPG's „Burnz“ and „Mxtt“ threw a grenade that damaged several players of LEFP.  

This move allowed CSPG to get their second pistol round of the game.

LEFP had to eco in the next two rounds and CSPG got those rounds fairly easy, regaining the lead in the process.

In the first buy round of the second half, CSPG's „Burnz“ stepped up big time with the U-ratio, getting a double kill.

Later on in the round, „EvoLu71oN“ and „Ted“ won the two-versus-two on the B bomb spot.

CSPG got the eco round and the following gun round, thanks to superb defense by „EvoLu71oN“ and „BurnZ“ on the A bomb spot.

In the 19th round, „DES1RE“ couldn't clutch a one-versus-three and this brought CSPG to the match point.

In the last round of the match, LEFP went for A bomb spot rush, which didn't work at all. „EvoLu71oN“ got a triple kill, which shattered the dreams of a comeback.

CSPG Gaming won 13:7.

Multiple CSPG player stepped it up in the crucial moments either on the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist side and that was the deciding factor in this match.

Infamous show up big time

Infamous vs Xion

Map: Legacy

Infamous opened the match on the attacking side where they decided to push to the B bomb spot.

It ended in a two-versus-two fight, where Infamous' „Learn“ stepped up and won the round with two great frags.

Xion was not flustered by that as they got the entry kills in the following eco round. „Mapple's“ quad frag and the bomb defuse evened the score.

In the third round, Infamous pushed to the B bomb spot once again. „WarLorDzzZ“ and "BiBo“ got the majority of the kills and returned the lead to Infamous.

During the next three rounds, Infamous attacks were looking impeccable and Xion couldn't manage a successful hold.

The 7th round came down to a one-versus-one where we've seen Xion's „Aiko“ clutch it versus „KestreL“.

After that, Infamous continued with a strong performance for the next two rounds, with „vCensor“ stepping up in the second one with a one-versus-two clutch on the B bomb spot.

Infamous won all the rounds until the end of the half, except one, thus entering the second half with a 6 round lead.

After their side swap, Xion's middle push was completely obliterated by „WarLorDzzZ“ who got a triple kill, leaving only „Aiko“ alone in a 1v3 where he was not able to deliver.

In the remaining rounds of the match, Xion couldn't inflict any major damage and lost all the remaining rounds.

Infamous won the match 13:3.

Infamous' „Bibo“ was playing great and got 22 frags in 16 rounds.

Newcomers get outplayed

Learn from Past vs BEG4Mercy

Map: Bureau

BEG4Mercy kicked off the match on the Counter-Terrorist side and they were put in a 2v1 situation on the A bomb spot after planting the bomb.

Unfortunately for them, „DES1RE“ got both kills, winning the pistol round for his team.

LEFP won the next two rounds without much trouble, as they lost only a single player.

BEG4Mercy got the first round after that, thanks to both „YaBoiKaso“ and „Kira kun“, that got a double kill each.

Teams traded the next two rounds.

In the 7th round, LEFP's „DES1RE“ single-handedly turned the three-versus-two into a round win, by getting a triple kill on the A bomb spot.

LEFP continued with a dominating performance until the end of the half, not allowing BEG4Mercy to get another round.

BEG4Mercy entered the second half with a 8 round deficit.

LEFP stayed focus after the side swap.

The majority of their players got a kill, stopping the push by BEG4Mercy towards the middle portion of the map.

This put BEG4Mercy onto an eco for the following round, allowing LEFP to reach the match point.

In the last round of the game, BEG4MERCY once again hit a brick wall, this time on the B bomb spot as they couldn't breach LEFP's defense.

Kira Kun“ ended up in a 1v2 versus „Honor“ and „DES1RE“ where he was unable to deliver.

The match ended with a 13:2 scoreline in favor of LEFP.

DES1RE“ and „DeSPa1R“ combo looked incredible here.

No surprises here

Kings Demise vs BEG4Mercy

Map: Legacy

Kings Demise had a dominating Terrorist half and they entered the second half with a six round lead.

In the second half, BEG4Mercy won the first three rounds thanks to winning the pistol round, but after that it was all Kings Demise, as BEG4Mercy only got a single round until the end of the game.

Kings Demise won the match 13:7.

That's all from Asia for this week.

Did you expect Infamous to win so easily against Xion?

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