European Invites - Autumn Invitational

October 18, 2018 13:12

Just yesterday, we've published the list of the invited teams to the 'EURASIA' part of the bracket.

Once again, we're expecting to have a top-tier competition here, and a lot of teams have a chance to take the title home.

For those of you that don't know it yet, both Critical Ops Summer Season finalists have been invited directly to the Autumn Invitational, with the two other teams receiving a "special invitation" for the event.

Let's talk about the European invites here;

Summer Season Finalists

Vision Gaming is the best team in Europe right now

Without any doubt, Vision Gaming is the best team in Europe right now.

In the Summer Season, they've simply run over the competition, without showing almost any weakness along the way.

The whole lineup of the team is pretty experienced and now they've played for a prolonged period of time, which should, in theory, make them stronger than they were before.

Other teams will have to step it up in order to come out victories from the European part of the bracket.

S2 Gaming is looking strong

At the moment, the team has two players that played for Team Throne and they've also played in the Grand Finals against Vision Gaming  („Thierry“ and „Loxii“).

We also have to mention „Genesis“ who is the captain of the team together and „Sneaky“ & „NaymaD“.

All of these players used to represent Nova Esports in the past and they also have a lot of experience and skill under their belt.

Since Team Throne disbanded, S2 Gaming was a logical choice to invite directly into the Autumn Invitational.

Special Invites

SetToDestroyX finally changed a player

SetToDestroyX showed some good games during the Summer Season.

In the past, they were not able to compete against the best teams in the region so this is a big feat for them.

Now, „ZEN“ left the team, leaving the core of the team exactly the same.

Three players are being trialed at the moment, so we're yet to see if this is going to improve the team.

SetToDestroyX made it to the Semi-Finals last time, so they also deserved the invite into the Autumn Invitational.

You can never count out Team Elevate

Team Elevate didn't have a good run in the Summer Season as they got eliminated in the Group Stage.

They also lost some of their stronger players which decided to join up Vision Gaming, so right now they're in the process of reaching their former glory.

Still, „Osynt“ is in the lineup and we know what he is capable of.

We’re also going to see what the likes of “Alles”, “Tribute” and “Nitro” can do against the some of the best teams in the region.

Just by looking at the team, they have a big potential and Team Elevate has always been an important team in the European competition.

For the reasons above, we’ve decided to directly invite them.

Those are the invited teams for the European part of the bracket.

Do you think we skipped someone?

Let us know in the comments below!

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