European Finals: Hugz thinks Nova got lucky, Blake thinks Elevate should be more polite

March 22, 2018 15:25

The European Grand-Finals are here and we're going to see this seasons’ two finest teams battle it out!

We wanted to know how both teams are feeling before the big match and how they’re preparing for it, so we did a double interview.

First we talked with Nova eSports (BlaKe), and then we discussed the same thing Elevate (Hugz).

You will see that there is already some tension in the air and we’re sure the finals will be thrilling.

Enjoy the interview!

Part 1: Nova eSports

You lost the opening map on Bureau against SKY2FLY in the semis, but were able to come back and win Canals and Legacy quite convincingly. Did you expect SKY2FLY to perform so well?

Nova BLaKe - Yes, we expected SKY2FLY to show up strong for the match since we played four scrims against them that week.

The reason we lost on Bureau was our lack of training for sure.

Grand Finals will feature the best-of-five format and there you will face a big challenge – Team Elevate. What do you think about them as a team?

Nova BLaKe - Team Elevate is a very strong team, the one we see as our direct rivals.

Their individual skill and teamwork are just perfect and no team can allow themselves to make any  simple mistakes.

The only thing I‘d wish from them is to be a bit more polite.

I‘m not saying our players were always nice to them.

I just think shooting unnecessarily shots against us or other teams isn't always needed.

I‘d love to have cooperation between Nova Esports and Team Elevate where we maybe sit down together and watch out for new teams that we could introduce to the competitive scene without them disbanding after a few weeks.

How are the preparations for the finals going?

Nova BLaKe - We will try to play as much scrims as possible and do more strat-meetings as preparation for the match.

Anything you wish to say to your fans?

We appreciate every single Nova eSports fan and are thankful for your support #NovaStrong

Part 2: Elevate

Did you expect the Semi-Finals versus SetToDestroyX to go as smoothly as they did, or did you expect more of a challenge?

Elevate Hugz - Once we found out that we will be playing against team SetToDestroyX, we kind of expected it to be an easy match and it turned out to be exactly like that.

In the Grand-Finals, you will face Nova eSports. You already lost them this season in a close match during the Group Stage. What do you think of them as a team?

Elevate Hugz - We lost against Nova eSports in the Critical Ops Winter Group Stages because our team wasn't that active at the time since we were busy with real life obligations.

I'm the in-game leader of the team and I wasn't able to play that match, so I would say they got lucky that time.

Do you think the best-of-five format of the finals is an advantage for your team?

Elevate Hugz - I'm confident we will win any best-of-five against any team, without a doubt.

Are you preparing for the finals specifically, or will you simply try to play your game?

Elevate Hugz - We won't prepare for the match against Nova eSports and we'll just play like we always do and enjoy the game.

May the best team win.

Is there something you wish to say to your fans and followers?

I would like to thank all of the fans for the support.

This is shaping up to be a great matchup and it will be interesting to see if Nova eSports can raise up to the challenge and potentially beat Elevate in a best-of-five! We’re already hyped!

Are you?

The match will be broadcasted once again at so make sure to tune in once we go live and enjoy some top notch C-Ops!

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