European Finals: A thrilling ending of Elevate’s era

March 30, 2018 15:19

Nova eSport had a tremendous Winter Season and they finished it off by beating Team Elevate in an exciting finals!

Not only did they crown themselves as the champions of the European region, but they did that without losing a single series along the way, which is definitely not an easy feat to achieve.

Here is a detailed breadown of the most interesting maps in the Grand Finals;


Nova eSports kicked off the match on the Terrorist side, where we've seen „Naarkz QLF“ get a great entry frag with a revolver and also a double kill after his team planted the bomb on the A site, which allowed Nova to win the round.

In the following eco round, we've seen Elevate pull off some great moves, but it wasn't enough as „GeNeS1s“ triumphed over Elevate's „Osnyt“ in a 1v1 situation.

The first gun round of the match featured an exchange of frags which went into Elevate’s favor, but once again Nova eSports came out on top, as „Sneaky QLF“ and „Naarkz QLF“ stepped up and delivered in a 2v4 situation. WoW!

Team Elevate finally got on the scoreboard in the 5th round, as they were able to shut down Nova eSports’ push on the B bomb spot, thanks to „Energy’s” and „Hugz’s“ frags earlier in the round.

In the next two rounds, we've seen both teams win one apiece, with Elevate trailing by 3 rounds at this point.

Elevate's „Energy“ and „Alpha“  pushed out of the A site in the 8th round, which worked well as they got multiple kills, grabbing the round for their team.

Nova eSports got the following round, as „Alpha“ was unable to win a 1v2 while he was pushing the „elbow“  area of the map.

In the 10th round of the match, we've seen Nova eSports get the bomb down to B bomb site after the initial exchange.

Elevate players were unable to retake the site and lost another round.

Elevate got the last 2 rounds of the half, entering the second part of the match with a 2 round deficit.

Once the sides swapped, Elevate decided to control the middle and push to the B site after that.

Nova eSports stacked the A site with the majority of players, and that allowed Elevate to get the bomb spot and win the round without losing a single player.

The next two rounds went into Elevate’s favor, bringing them the lead for the first time in the match.

One of the rounds was a very convincing eco round, while in the second one Nova eSports decided to force buy, which didn't pay off, as they were unable to stop the A bomb spot push.

Nova eSports lost the following eco round yet again.

However, they were able to get the round after that, thanks to „VattenKanna“, who was able to get the crucial kills with the U-ratio.

Even though Elevate lost the player at the start of the 18th round, they were able to recover and win another point, as „Alpha“, „Osynt“ and „Energy“ won their duels.

Team Elevate won one more round and then Nova eSports started their comeback.

Great teamplay and coordination allowed Nova to win the following three rounds and tie the score at 11:11.

In the 23rd round of the match, we've seen a spectacular play from Nova eSports, as „VettenKanna“ and „Sneaky QLF“ were able to get a triple frag combined with the grenades, bringing their team to the match point.

The last round of the match featured a dramatic ending, where NE's „GeNeS1s“ outplayed Elevate's „Alpha“ on the A-bomb spot to secure a 13:11 victory for his team.

Alpha“ had a great match, but he was unable to clutch the win  for his team in this one.


Nova eSports started the match on the Terrorist side once more.

Elevate had an extra player alive for the majority of the round, but NE's „GeNeS1s“ and „Naarkz QLF“ played perfectly in a 2v3 situation on the A site after the plant, winning the round for their team.

The following eco was really close.

Elevate was able to get multiple kills with only USPs and Revolvers, but in the end NE's „Naarkz QLF“ saved the round for his team by winning the 1v2 versus „Energy“ and „Osynt“.

Elevate opted to eco once more with only „Shou Gu“ and „Osynt“ having the guns.

It still paid off, as both of them were able to get the frags in the 2v2 situation on the A site.

This also allowed Elevate to get the 4th round, as Nova eSports were forced to make an eco round.

The fifth round of the match featured an even exchange.

Then Elevate triumphed yet again in the 2v2 situation, with „Osynt“ and „Shou Gu“ beating NE's „GeNeS1s“ and „VattenKanna

In the next round, Nova eSports punished Elevate for deciding to push out once they acquired the early frags.

Nova won the round with only pistols.

Both teams got one of the next two round, brining the score to 4:4.

Team Elevate decided to play a bit more aggressive in the remaining CT rounds.

It was a great decision, as they won the last four rounds of the half, entering the second part of the game with a four round advantage.

After the side swap, Elevate decided to rush the B bomb spot, which was fairly well defended by Nova eSports.

However, Elevate's „Shou Gu“ made a heroic play, as he was able to win a 1v3 to secure the round.

Nova eSports opted to force-buy in the 15th round.

They got a point as Elevate's A-bomb spot push didn't work out as planned.

Nova eSports showcased their stellar defense during the next three rounds.

They got a lot of opening frags, even with grenades, which allowed them to fend off Elevate's attempts fairly easily.

Elevate was able to clinch the 19th round with a quick B bomb spot rush. „Str0ng“ and „Osynt“ landed the headshots that opened up the site.

The next round of the match was won by Nova eSports, as „Osynt“ was unable to plant the bomb in the 1v2 situation versus „GeNeS1s“ and „Naarkz QLF“.

The following two rounds also went into Nova’s favor, tying the score at 11:11.

Once again, teams exchanged the next two rounds.

That meant there was only one deciding round left.

In the last round, we've seen Elevate take it very slowly at the beginning and then deciding to attack the A-bomb spot.

Nova eSports were more than ready for this.

Both „VattenKanna“ and „Naarkz QLF“ got a double kill once the push started, and Nova eSports won another match!

VattenKanna“ and „Naarkz QLF“ looked great throughout the whole match and they were the main reason that their team clicnhed this close game.


Nova eSports won the Counter-Terrorist half by 2 rounds.

However, that wasn't enough, as Elevate's Counter-Terrorist side proved to be too much to handle.

Alpha“ was yet again red hot in this match.


Nova eSports had a solid Terrorist half and entered the second half with a two round lead yet again.

This time, they played great, as most of the clutch rounds went into their favor, allowing them to close out the series with a 3-1 scoreline!


Huh, those were some intense games!

European finals were really exciting and we saw some excellent C-Ops!

Considering how well Nova eSports played throughout the season, the victory in the Grand Finals is no surprise.

They really deserve to be the new champions.

Elevate were the favorites before the season, but we can say that the better team won this finals.

However, Elevate still proved they got game.

There’s some serious competition at the top level in Europe and we can’t wait to see how the teams are going to prepare for the next tournament.

That's it for Europe!

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