EURASIA Aftermath: Asian Scene On The Rise

June 1, 2018 12:23

CSPG Immortals became the first Asian team to win one of Valiance’s tournaments.

They became champions after defeating Team Elevate 3-1 in the Grand Finals.

We won’t lie, it was a bit surprising, but then again CSPG Immortals really improved their game.

Let’s see what else we learned during the „EURASIA“ part of Critical Ops Spring Invitational.

New top teams in Asia

CSPG Immortals decided to make several changes before entering the Spring Invitational.

They’ve played their best games when “M4tt”, „Tiktok“ and „Ted“ were in the lineup.

At first it was a bit strange not to see „Punn“ play since CSPG had trouble with leadership in the previous season.

However, that is in the past now, as CSPG beat insanely strong teams throughout the bracket (Learn From Past, Kings Demise, Team Elevate).

Even though Kings Demise got eliminated in the semifinals by CSPG Immortals, they showed great potential.

With the addition of „Pewl“ from the European scene, who's in charge of the team, things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Leapy“ also looked great during the season and if more of the players in the team can follow in his footsteps, it won't be surprising to see them play in the Grand Finals next pretty soon.

Granted, the team formed just before the start of the Invitational and didn't have a lot of time to practice and polish their gameplay.

On top of that, the lineup features a lot of young and upcoming players and to make that work, the team needs time.

We’re very excited to see them in the next tournament!

Dissapointing performance by Learn from Past and Nova eSports

Both of the finalists of the Critical Ops Winter season got eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Looking at the map scores, it's very surprising to see that they weren’t even close (except for one map):

•    Learn from Past vs CSPG Immortals (8-13,1-13)

•    Nova eSports vs Dynasty (6-13, 12-13)

A single-elimination format can be lethal and it's hard to judge the team’s state after a single best-of-three match.

Recently a key player from Nova eSports („Grizz“) decided to leave the team and it's not going to be easy to replace him.

Grizz” joined Dynasty, which was actually the the team that eliminated Nova eSports from Spring Invitational.

It will be interesting to see how this is going to pan out.

One thing is clear - Asian region is improving fast and it’s exciting to see how some teams switched gears in just a few months.

Team Elevate to restructure once again

Once again, Team Elevate seemed to have internal issues just before the Grand Finals.

DyN“ and „Osynt“  tweeted a day before the match, that they are going to leave the team after the finals.

This must have had a huge impact on the team and is surely one of the reasons why Elevate lost the championship.

Most of the maps in the Grand Finals ended up being very close with only a few rounds separating both teams.

With all the problems in the “backstage”, we can ask ourselves – How would this match go if Elevante actually had good team chemistry? (Btw we are not taking anything away from CSPG, they deserved the win).

With the likes of „PROLORD“, „Strong“, and „Hugz“ still in the roster pool, the team will reform and compete in the future tournaments.

It’s hard not to see them near the top again.

That’s what we saw in „EURASIA“.

What do you think about the results and the state of Asian and European scene?

Let us know in the comments!

PS: The signups for the Summer Season Premier League are open, so make sure to enroll your team!

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