Meet our opponents in the EU Masters 2022 Play-In

April 2, 2022 11:00

Bifrost, eSuba, and Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition will be our opponents in Group B of the EU Masters Spring 2022 Play-In stage. 

On the 31st of March, we finally found out who will be our opponents in the EU Masters Spring 2022 Play-In stage. Although it doesn’t really matter who we have to face we have to admit that we are happy with the draw.

Bifrost is the NLC 2022 Spring runner-up and a formidable opponent. Similar to us, they lost the grand finals against X7 Esports with the same result we lost to Crvena zvezda Esports. Clean sweep. 

The second team in our group is eSuba. Czech organization that is well-known to all the EBL fans since regional teams often compete against them at the EU Masters. Again, they lost the finals of the Hitpoint Masters 2022 Spring in the same fashion as Bifrost, and us. Another 3-0 result. 

Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition is competing in the 1st division of the German Prime League. One of the strongest ERL leagues. In the regular season, they finished 5th, grabbing one of the two last spots for playoffs. After beating BIG and Schalke 04, they lost the GamerLegion. Sacre and co. let them take one game before finishing their playoffs run. 

All the teams come to the EU Masters with the same goal. There are no easy matches. Our team had enough time to prepare for the upcoming matches and we are confident going forward. There will be no easy matches. Getting through the Play-In would not just mean a world to us but also to all the teams and fans in the Balkan region. It is a responsibility we gladly accept. 

Here is the schedule for the first day of the EU Masters Spring 2022 Play-In stage for Group B:

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