Elevate's Vrix: We were really unlucky during the Summer Season

October 16, 2018 14:16

Team Elevate didn’t perform very well in the Critical Ops Summer Season since they only finished fourth in the Group Stage, and thus they were not able to advance into the playoffs.

The team also featured a different lineup, so this definitely had an impact on their result.

Now, the team is gearing up for the upcoming events and to find out more about their current state, we decided to make an interview with their team manager – Vrix.

Here is what he had to say.

Since the new season is about to begin shortly, can you please tell us what players do you have currently on the roster and what is each player in the team responsible for?

Currently, our roster consists of;

Alles (IGL/Entry)

Osynt (Entry/Support)

Fxllwssj (Rifler/Support)

Tribute X (Rifler/Support)

Barren (Entry/Support)

Prinho (Sniper/Support)

vNxtro (Sniper/Support)

Your team finished on the fourth place during the Critical Ops Summer Season.

If you can summarize briefly, what were the biggest issue here that stopped you from performing on your regular level?

I would say we were really unlucky during the Summer Season.

We got a 13-0 lose for a game which we already won due to not using the IGN-s which were registered for Valiance and then we had to play a 4v5 against StDx due to some of our players being on vacation which affected the players a lot morally and we couldn't perform our best in the remaining games.

However, we are doing really good recently and hopefully, this season would be great for us.

Do you feel that the players that are in the team right now can replace the likes of „str0ng“, „Quaredy“ and „DyN“?

I believe they can be even more effective than them.

How do both „PrinhO“ and „Fxllwssj“ fit in the roster considering they're both from the South American region?

Both of them fit perfectly in the roster they have been performing good recently despite being from South America.

They are quick to understand and are able to communicate with us without any problem. (Yes they will be playing for E8 in the upcoming season)

In your opinion, is Vision Gaming the best team in Europe at the moment?

I don't think so.

All the EU teams participating in this Invitational seem to be at a similar level .

I am sure we will get to see some great games on the European side.

Do you feel like team Elevate can regain some of its former glory in any of the upcoming seasons?

Of course, we are optimistic about the upcoming season and we have been practicing hard for this.

What goals do you have as a team for the upcoming period?

Our goal is similar to any other team participating: Win and enjoy the games as much as possible.

Is there something you want to share with team Elevate fans out there?

I just want to thank all of the E8Fans for such great support even when we couldn't perform enough for you.

Your support kept us going and we promise to give our best this time.

We’re excited to see what Team Elevate can do in the near future.

Do you think they’re capable of reaching their former glory?

Let us know how you feel in the comments.

You can follow Team Elevate at - @Elevate

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